Discover some testimonials
from our former students

The satisfaction of our students
is one of our priorities.

Their feedback is essential for us to reinforce the coherence of the educational project that we have developed with a view to optimizing distance learning and the acquisition of rigorous and flexible know-how.

The pedagogical system of our distance learning leads us to be as attentive to the quality of the pedagogical content (quality and complementarity of the courses, pedagogical quality, competence and diversity of the trainers selected, quality of the translations) as to the balance between the contributions theoretical and practical times , as well as the fluidity of the digital tools implemented (Zoom, Moodle, WhatsApps).

Quantitative approach

At the end of a course, two questions are asked to immediately assess the interest of the course for him and its professional usefulness.
At the end of each module, consisting of 1 to 6 lessons depending on the topics covered, an evaluation questionnaire must be completed within 15 days of the date of the last lesson of the module.
At the end of each year of training (generally at the end of June), an overall evaluation questionnaire covering all the modules and the use of the different platforms is completed after a course of 9 to 15 months.

of students satisfied with their training year*

97% of students satisfied with LACT and recommend it as a training organization*

The results presented below are obtained from 1st,
2nd and 3rd year students in training in the systemic and strategic approach.

Initial Motivation

Students from all backgrounds are primarily attracted** by:

the quality of training / reputation of the school
distance learning
the specificity of the strategic systemic approach (school of Palo Alto)


The student satisfaction rate* in June-July 2022 is 98% for the 1st years of training in systemic and strategic approach and 100% for the following 2 years, as well as for the other Lact training courses (master's clinic, hypnosis master, strategic coach)

* These results correspond to the proportion of students who answered that they were satisfied (“very” + “quite”) (1) with their year of training at LACT (2) with the training organization at LACT, and who declared that they recommend ( “yes, absolutely” + “yes”) LACT, training organization, to a friend, a member of your family, to a colleague.

** Answers to the open question: 3 reasons that motivated you to choose LACT training

99% of satisfied students,
all courses combined

They particularly appreciate:


Trainers and


The content of the courses
and interventions


The Zoom platform
to follow the courses


The relationship with the
school's trainers


The teaching method and


The relationship with the
school administrative


Their personal space
on the Moodle platform

Students perceive the LACT organization primarily as an organization that:


allows them to develop new professional skills


helps them develop their own resources


which is close to their needs


that allows them to improve the quality or efficiency of their work


Helps build their professional confidence

Thanks to their feedback, the entire Lact team
was able to improve this year as a priority:

  • the relationship and communication between the teaching team and the students on various subjects (in the event of course rescheduling, instructions relating to exercises and homework, etc.)

  • certain aspects relating to the actual content of the training (in particular the balance between theoretical input and practical exercises).

Qualitative approach

Beyond these quantitative data collected at different key moments (at the end of a course, at the end of a module to make a restitution to the trainer, at the end of the year), we remain attentive regular feedback given to us throughout the course by the students themselves on a personal basis or more collectively by the student delegate for each training course, who sends the teaching team the remarks, observations and suggestions for improvement, which he may observe or gather from the students he/she represents. For each year of training, a referent is also available to each student and the delegate to answer their questions and thus make day-to-day relations between students and the school more fluid.