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Employees of your company encounter complicated situations
related to themselves, to others, or to the organization such as:
burn-out ,

change, team cohesion,
not knowing how to say no ...

Would you like to rely on a partner to help you manage these complex situations?

  • Our interventions can be made to solve a punctual and urgent problem after realization of an estimate.
  • We offer you the LACT Assistance formula which offers you peace of mind and flexibility throughout the year.

LACT Assistance: a psychological action solution

  • A contract including a certain number of sessions mobilized according to the needs of your employees during the year.
  • A direct line can be mobilized by employees in the event of an emergency to be resolved.

Intervention frameworks

  • diagnostics,
  • Supervision of managers (HRD, managers, departments) in support of dealing with a problem,
  • Implementation of on-site individual or collective interventions depending on the emergency.

In this system, those responsible for occupational health (occupational doctors and HRDs) are particularly involved in the success of the system. Indeed, when a problem arises in an organization, when an employee is in bad shape, he contacts either the occupational physician or the HRD.

The different phases of setting up and using the device

  • A framing phase
  • A dimension of prevention
  • Methodological assistance from the firm
  • Supervision of cases presented by managers, HRDs or occupational physicians
  • Opinions and diagnoses for one or more employees
  • Support for the person(s) concerned, either at the firm or remotely
  • A qualitative and quantitative restitution*
* The restitution is made within the framework of an appointment of exchanges based on qualitative and quantitative information not nominative, each year. Presented to the management, it gives an overall idea of ​​the social climate of the company and allows an improvement through an awareness of the needs for training, actions, changes in the organization, even orientation in the trades.

LACT Assistance: a comprehensive support system for companies to:

  • that they gain in efficiency in the treatment of PSR
  • that they have a global vision of the occupational health of their employees
  • that they increase their economic and social performance.

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