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collective intelligence


You wish :

  • unleash the innovation potential of your teams to stimulate their contribution to current and future transformations
  • stimulate collective intelligence experiences using proven techniques
  • evolve cooperation practices in your organization towards more trust, creativity and commitment

We support you:

  • to identify the specificity of the context from which will be implemented an intervention framework stimulating the dynamics of collective intelligence.
  • to implement and transmit animation and collective intelligence tools which are easily learned (problem solving© techniques, liberating structure) 
  • to integrate into your transformation context, the use of web applications to facilitate collaborative work such as Zoom, Moodle, WhatsApp, Trello (or even Klaxoon, Yammer).

problem solving© and liberating structures system :

  • collective interventions structured according to the problem solving© methodology :
    • the participants reflect together on the issues, the objectives (stages 1 and 2 of the diagram), particularly in terms of transformation issues, then - using liberating structure tools - they agree on the objective(s) to be achieved. 
    • They then analyze the dysfunctional habits (stage 3 of the diagram) driving resistance to change. 
    • They practice strategies for change individually and together (steps 4 to 6 in the diagram). 
    • Finally, they discover how to adjust the course and consolidate the change obtained (stages 7 to 8 of the diagram).
  • liberating structures are techniques and methods of group animation which allow at each stage of the process to choose the activity of animation whose experience will be crucial to weave the bonds of collective intelligence.
  • individual interventions when necessary - management, managers, managers, HRD, elected officials, employees, internal coaches (Lact Assistance)

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