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Systemic approach and hypnosis

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Manage the QVT approach
and the PSR prevention system


We approach the improvement of the quality of life at work and the prevention of psychosocial risks from a global perspective. The objective is to focus attention on the processes of interactional regulation at the heart of the dynamics of production, decision-making and cooperation, and on the way in which the individual and the group can agree to improve them; it is an approach that stimulates learning, experiences and collective intelligence, and energizes social and professional dialogue.

You wish :

  • initiate, deploy or consolidate your actions in terms of Quality of Life at Work, in day-to-day managerial practices, in spaces for social and professional dialogue, in the mobilization of employees in your transformation projects,
  • initiate, deploy or reinforce your psychosocial risk prevention system (diagnosis, risk assessment, DUER registration, follow-up of action plans, etc.)
  • manage QVT and RPS devices, in line with the recommendations of the ANACT-ARACT network

We support you:

  • managers in their reflection on how to approach QWL and the prevention of psychosocial risks
  • the actors involved in the management of a transformation project to mobilize all the actors that the transformation directly impacts, to develop the relational agility of the managers concerned and to stimulate collective intelligence 
  • actors from the QVT and PSR prevention groups, to define, implement and evaluate their actions for prevention and management of complex situations
  • the actors involved in the management of pathogenic situations to regain control over a crisis situation and restore a quality balance (occupational physician, HRD, managers, management),
  • management of suffering at work where it emerges (at the individual or collective level) within a framework of confidentiality. We help the individuals or teams concerned to mobilize their resources so that they can re-apprehend their situation in conditions of well-being.
  • companies thanks to interventions adapted to the overall prevention and QVT actions system. We implement feedback systems focused on processes and not on individual situations.

Our device:

  • a case-by-case response to the request
  • is based on a specific problem solving© methodology. It is in line with the recommendations of the ANACT-ARACT network.
  • a Lact Assistance system based on a network in France and abroad. This device allows you to benefit from a solution to deal with emergencies while giving flexibility to management, prescribers and stakeholders.

Other services
to improve and develop the Quality of Life at Work

Manage the QVT approach and the PSR prevention system


Intervene on the suffering at work



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