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Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

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Reduce complexity
to impact transformation

You wish :

  • master the flexibility necessary to face the challenge of innovation that underlies the economic and social reality,
  • adapt your strategic actions without destabilizing organizational performance,
  • concentrate on the human factor, without forgetting, of course, the importance of technical training.

We support you:

  • to implement a transformation system with rapid and measurable effects in relation to concrete and evolving objectives, 
  • to optimize the management of internal and external changes (including generational change),
  • to deploy your creative resources and empowering actions,
  • to reduce complexity in a rigorous and flexible way.

Our device:

  • an operative diagnosis that takes into account the whole of a situation in order to target effective intervention as closely as possible
  • intervention techniques based on experimentation and feedback, to stimulate the learning and active dynamics of transformation
  • collective interventions structured around a dynamic of collective intelligence and a problem solving© methodology  
  • group facilitation techniques with liberating structures to stimulate the commitment of transformation actors
  • individual training and strategic coaching interventions, when necessary during the deployment of the transformation - management, managers, managers, HRD, elected officials, employees, internal coaches
  • a support system for sensitive situations (Lact Assistance)

Other services
to support complex transformations on a daily basis

Reduce complexity to impact transformation

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