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LACT complies with HDS requirements

health data host


As part of your follow-up, we host data, some of which may relate to personal health-related issues collected during prevention, diagnosis, care or medico-social follow-up activities on behalf of natural or legal persons at the origin of the production or collection of this data or on behalf of the patient himself.

What is it about ?

Personal health data is sensitive data. Their access is regulated by law to protect the rights of individuals. The hosting of these data must therefore be carried out under security conditions adapted to their criticality.

LACT is hosted by Hosteur HDS, and complies with requirements that strengthen the protection of personal health data and build an environment of trust around eHealth and patient monitoring.

This compliance guarantees compliance with ISO standards on the hosting of health data. L.1111-8 of the Public Health Code, amended by Law No. 2016-41 of January 26, 2016