psr audit >> Objectives
Develop an inventory and a dynamic and interactional vision of the organization's need for change

>> Target
An organization undergoing or wishing to initiate a change process or an organization seeking to give it a second wind
> Key players: General Management, HRD, CHSCT, prevention players, trade unions

>> Description

  • Analysis of the existing prevention and regulation dynamics
  • Qualitative individual interviews based on the most worrying situations
  • Quantitative approach to shed light on difficult interactional regulations


>> Benefits
Acquire a systemic and interactional vision of change aimed at reducing the complexity of the organization without distorting it and a problem-solving oriented methodology at the service of the quality of life at work


>> Duration
  • 1 to 2 days
  • 1 individual telephone interview in the month following the training and renewable once
  • Dates to be defined according to your needs
Example of information reported in an audit