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Systemic approach and hypnosis

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Training: Web-conference / MOOC

rps mooc>> Objectives
> Develop knowledge and skills conducive to the prevention of psychosocial risks

>> Target
> All audiences within the organization

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>> Possible topics
> PSR prevention
> Support for change
> Managerial regulation
> HR regulation
> Well-being and Quality of Life at Work
> Stress management
> Co-development

>> Description
> Web-conference
> Up to 50 people
> Duration of 1 hour

>> Benefits
> Reach a large number of employees at the same time
> Bring together geographically distant participants

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The collective approach, in the form of discussion groups, workshops or training, is complementary and must be able to rely on the issues identified in the context of individual support actions.

Gathered in small discussion groups through audio or web-conferences, employees have the opportunity to reflect together on their experiences and their feelings, exchange and share their experience, compare a way of being and doing.

These groups also make it possible to conduct a testimonial interview with an employee in a problem-solving approach®

Other employees can identify and find each other more easily thanks to the problem raised by a person who is going through the same thing as them.

Who can talk to employees better than another employee?

Only telephone access (+ internet - optional) is necessary!

Time being a very rare and very precious commodity for employees, the audio or web-conference formula allows them to attend these support groups directly without having to travel.

Actions aimed at employees can therefore take several forms:

  • information/awareness/prevention on various topics such as relationship problems, questions around psychosocial risks, conflict management, preventing burn-out, getting out of harassment, better establishing one's leadership, dealing with incivility, etc. .      
  • training to better support managers
  • devices to manage the tension between work and private life

Our experience of web-conferences, in partnership with the Socialmania agency, allows us to guarantee:

  • a high level of satisfaction verified at each web conference
  • expertise in the innovative conduct of this type of conference (participant invitations, animation and moderation of exchanges)
  • the simplest possible connection system (no plug-in) to ensure a maximum number of participants
  • formulas adapted to the number of participants (workshop with audio tour de table for up to 10 participants / web-conference with Chat module for more than 10 participants)

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