Our history

  • LACT is familiar with relational issues, both personal and professional.
  • A curiosity and a common credo for the issues of relationship and interaction (the systemic and ecological vision).
  • Varied backgrounds, common experiences and experiments, cross-collaborations.
  • A research program that allows us to better understand the efficiency of our interventions.


Claude's teamClaude de Scorraille
Psychologist, trainer,
president and co-founder of LACT
N° ADELI 75 93 4978 0

Occupational psychologist (CNAM, Paris - Dissertation subject "How can the Palo Alto approach contribute to creating a dialogical framework?") and trained in the interactional and strategic approach as well as conversational hypnosis (IGB) . After a university education in econometrics, she managed a school remedial center and taught mathematics, then evolved in a more cultural universe: in the audiovisual production of documentaries and at Sony Music. She teaches at the IAE of Paris within the Master of Administrations and Companies (MAE) the module "Behaviour and Management of Change". She has applied the Palo Alto model in business for more than 10 years. The suffering at work and the management of "difficult" personalities are at the heart of its current missions. She was a research associate at IGB and in charge of IGB Paris for 2 years. Apart from LACT, she practices brief therapy in her Paris office.





Grégoire Vitrygregoire team Director, psychotherapist
co-founder of LACT

Grégoire Vitry trained in the Palo Alto model as well as in conversational hypnosis at the Gregory Bateson Institute then with Professor Nardone and Teresa Garcia with whom he collaborates internationally, in the field of research and training.

A graduate of EM Lyon and a Masters in Applied Mathematics, he is passionate about the world of communication, research and relationships. He directs the international school LACT with CIRCÉ.
He is the educational coordinator of the university degree from the University of Paris 8: "Relationship clinic and strategic intervention".

For more than 10 years, he has carried out consultations and clinical interventions in companies and in private practice.

He designed the "LACT research" program and leads a network of research and teaching partners around the Palo Alto model with internationally recognized organizations and schools: MRI (Mental Research Institute) of Palo Alto, CTS of Giorgio Nardone ( Italy), Circe by Teresa Garcia-Rivera (France and Belgium), Catholic University of Milan (Italy), University of Monroe (Louisiana United States), University of Paris 8, Mimethys Institute, Bateson Clinic (Ireland).

olivier team
  Olivier Brosseau
Partner, coach, trainer and therapist at LACT

Graduate of ESSEC (1985) and SCIENCES COM (1987), rich in a complete and in-depth practice in marketing within the audiovisual group Canal+ for nearly 20 years, he gradually trained then certified in coaching and individual support, with the Gregory Bateson Institute, official representative in French-speaking Europe of the Palo Alto School (2005-2011). He is also certified MBTI (2010) and Executive Profiler (2011), psychometric approach in the context of professional orientation for adults and adolescents.

He intervenes in the field of the regulation of psychosocial disorders in the form of individual consultation and collective intervention within companies and institutions (executives, managers, employees), in various contexts of difficult situations: change management, conflict management , harassment, burnout or professional exhaustion, incivility, post-traumatic shock, etc.

He designs and leads training focused on the challenges of presenting stress and psychosocial risks, and supports multidisciplinary working groups dedicated to developing and leading the PSR prevention system and improving the Quality of Life. at Work (hospital environment, insurance, etc.).

He teaches at the IAE of Paris within the Master of Administrations and Companies the module "Organizations and behaviors".

Apart from LACT, he practices brief therapy in his Paris office.



Teresa Garcia
Research Director - LACT Scientific Committee

Founder of CIRCÉ - Center for Intervention and Research on Changes and Evolution of Human Systems // Brief strategic systemic intervention // Individuals – professionals – institutions & companies

Specialist in strategic systemic change with companies and institutions (for 12 years), professionals and individuals (for 30 years).
Psychologist-psychotherapist and professional coach. Teresa Garcia is a renowned author, speaker, supervisor and trainer. Co-founder of the IGB. She is a pupil of Paul Watzlawick, John Weakland and Dick Fisch with whom she collaborated directly for more than 5 years as well as Jeffrey Zeig, Lucy Gill, Jim Coyne, Tal Ben Shahar, Brendon Burchard. Representative of the Mental Research Institute (MRI) for French-speaking Europe since 1986, she has collaborated in the clinical context with Giorgio Nardone and with Eric Bardot, founder of the HTSMA model.
Founding member of EWBSST (European network of brief strategic systemic therapies). She developed the Circé's PEARL© method, resulting from all of her training. This method makes it possible to structure and propose experiences of psycho-relational change to individuals, pairs and groups in private life and in the company. Concerning companies, it develops PEARL within a strategic device for the management of unproductive and atypical behaviors helping managers to best support their teams in times of transformation or crisis.

She also helps each member of the team to position themselves and contribute to the work of the team with serenity and motivation, in particular with the help of Marie Le Gall, specialist in forum theatre. Teresa works with SupAgro to develop methods for solving relational problems in schools, for the benefit of teachers - students - parents. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences; she is co-author of several books and articles.

wendelray2Dr. Wendel Ray
Research Director - LACT Scientific Committee

Wendel A. Ray , PhD
Endowed Chair and Professor
Marriage & Family Therapy Program (s)
School of Health Professions
College of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences
The University of Louisiana - Monroe (ULM)
Senior Research Fellow
Mental Research Institute (MRI)
Palo Alto, CA
Skype: drwendelray

Director of Research at the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, Wendel A. Ray, Ph.D., holds a professorship of family systems theory in the masters and doctoral programs in couple and family therapy at the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). He is the founder and director of the “Don D. Jackson Archive”, senior researcher and former director of the Mental Research Institute (MRI) in Palo Alto, California. His research is in the field of communication and focuses on systemic and cybernetic theory applied to understanding the nature of interaction, apprehension of context and the constructive approach to changing human behavior. Dr. Wendel Ray is also a lecturer and author of 9 books and over 150 articles.

s200 luisa fernanda.aguirre de c rcerDr. Luisa Fernanda Aguirre de Carcer
LACT Research Partner - PhD
She has a doctorate in Semitic philology and a degree in psychology. She was a professor of Arabic and Hebrew at the Faculty of Philology (UCM - Madrid). She is a visiting researcher at the University of California (Berkeley campus) and an associate researcher at the Center National de Recherche Scientifique in Paris. Coordinator of the Department of Psychology of the Centro Complutense for the teaching of Spanish.

2734007 3869881Dr. Eric Bardot
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist - Research partner - PhD
Psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, psychotherapist. Trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Problem-Oriented Brief Therapy (Palo Alto), EMDR (Additional Facilitator Training, EMDR Supervisor), Mediation Pedagogy. He is a trainer in hypnosis, brief systemic therapies, EMDR/HTSMA. He is the designer and organizer of the HTSMA training courses (Hypnosis, Strategic Therapies and Alternative Movements). He is the director of the Mimethys Institute in Nantes.
Alexandrina BeauDr. Alexandrina Beau
Research Partner, Psychiatrist - PhD
After medical studies (Faculty of Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania) and a specialization in psychiatry (Faculty of Medicine, Nancy, Lorraine), trained in hypnotherapy (IFH, Paris) and family therapy (RESCIF Association, Strasbourg ) it is enriched by the strategic approach of   Palo Alto (IGB, Liège, Paris). She works as a hospital practitioner, head of a family therapy unit, as well as in a private practice in Nancy.

corinne teamCorinne Berkowitz
Coach and trainer, speaker at LACT, PACA region

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Marseille, she spent 15 years in the field of External and Internal Communication in large companies in the private and public sector, before joining HR as an "internal consultant", to support employees in their reflection and professional development.
During these 5 years of coaching practice, she was certified in " Relationship Psychology - Coaching ", University Diploma (UTC), and specialized to obtain the " Masters in Ecological and Strategic Coaching - Approach to Palo Alto ", issued by the Grégory Bateson Institute (IGB).
Based on this systemic and interactional approach, she essentially intervenes in " complex situations " with public and private sector institutions, as well as with private clients.
The support it provides aims to resolve and restore, in a context of recurring blockages between staff, more satisfactory relations for the employee in his environment, promoting a better working atmosphere, conducive to productivity.

fran oise bollot 06 011Françoise Bollot
LACT Research Partner

A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, the first part of her professional career for more than 20 years was dedicated to corporate communication and their leaders within large companies, communication agencies and then organizations and public administrations with senior economic and political leaders. Passionate about the link between a leader's vision and personality with corporate strategy, aware of the impact of leadership on management, the evolution of women and the economic, societal and sociological consequences in the future of organizations, she is trained in professional support first with NLP then by following the complete training course offered by the IGB.

In addition, a practitioner certified in the Human Element systemic approach by Will SCHUTZ and graduated from Paris 8 in HR and coaching, she is also certified in the typological inventory of Golden personality by the ECPA. She has been working as a coach since 2005, specializing in the themes of relational intelligence, leadership and decision-making. Convinced that personal growth goes with professional fulfilment, for two years she has been developing support for career development and orientation choices based on the work of the relationship that everyone has with the exercise of their responsibility and awareness of their choices. . His professional activity is divided between coaching and brief therapy. She is trained by Jean Becchio and Pierre Lelong (Hypnodissey) in the new hypnosis or consciousness activation therapy.

Arnaud BArnaud Bornens
LACT Research Partner - Senior Coach

For more than 15 years, Arnaud has supported executives and operational managers in the key moments of their leadership role. As a lawyer at the Paris Bar and then HR Manager in the industrial sector, he led numerous restructurings which led him to develop the skills of mediators and negotiators. On the strength of these experiences in human relations, he specialized in individual and team coaching to help both managers to find the right positioning and their teams to develop effective practices. Pedagogue, he gives a course on "accompanying change" at the Sorbonne in Master 2. With the team of the Academy of Coaching, he participates in the teaching of the posture of coach as well as the use tools and processes for change. He collaborated in the writing of the book “Coaching for the first time” (Eyrolles, Editions d'Organisation), a practical and essential guide for those who embark on the profession of coach. He is certified MBTI 1 and 2, trained in transactional analysis with François Delivré and in the systemic approach with Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz who is his supervisor.

Marc BrunetMarc Brunet
LACT Research Partner

A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, he gave himself, after a career in industry, the mission of supporting people, teams and organizations in solving and transcending their difficulties in order to bring out new possibilities. He trained for 12 years in strategic and systemic intervention (IGB-Liège, CIRCE-Paris). He is also a NLP Master Trainer (NLPU-Santa Cruz). Marc is recognized for his benevolence, his ability to create a space of trust mixing rigor and humor, listening without judgment.

He intervenes on problems of relational conflicts, situations of harassment, fears, lack of confidence, transition of life, change of professional identity. In the professional context (executives, managers, teams), it unravels relational difficulties, situations of harassment, performance blockages. It allows leaders to access a higher dimension. He works with and on perceived paradoxes at the individual or organizational level whether at the leader level in organizational learning coaching or at the team level in team performance coaching.

Gianluca Castelnuovo
LACT Research Partner - Psychologist, Ph.D. and Psy.D and Professor

gianluca castelnuovo

Gianluca Castelnuovo, Ph.D. and Psy.D., is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Psychopathology, Elements of Psychopathology and Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore from Milano. He is also a senior researcher at the Laboratory and Service of Psychology of San Giuseppe Hospital, IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano in Italy. Castelnuovo has carried out various researches and published various articles in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, in particular in the use of virtual reality, Telepsicologia, eHealth and mHealth in medicine and clinical psychology, particularly in obesity , eating disorders, chronic diseases and conditions and diabetes. He was invited as a speaker at the Congress " — The treatment of mental disorders by the systemic and strategic approach", organized by the Gregory Bateson Institute of Liège, Belgium - Paris School of Medicine - Paris-Descartes University (Paris, France, October 13-14, 2012). responsible for the STRATOB project for the evaluation of brief strategic therapy with patients suffering from Binge Eating Disorder.He is professor of systemic therapy and systemic-strategic therapy at the Department of Psychology of the University of Monterrey.From 2015 he is elected member of the executive of SIS-DCA (Italian Scientific Society for the Study of Eating Disorders).

Screenshot 2016 05 13 at 18.05.45Dr. Moira Chiodini
LACT Research Partner - Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy. Since 2003 she has been responsible for the CTS headquarters in Florence where she carries out clinical activity for the treatment of pathologies such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive disorders, depression, eating disorders; and counseling and support for the management of individual, relational and workplace difficulties. It also carries out activities aimed at promoting well-being, health and the development of personal resources through individual or group meetings, also in collaboration with public and private social institutions. She is a trainer at the School of Specialization in Strategic Brief Therapy.


Laurence Cleinge

LACT Research Partner

Graduated in clinical psychology from the University of Liège (1997).
She trained intensively in the systemic and strategic approach (1999) as well as in conversational hypnosis (2004) at the Gregory Bateson Institute (IGB) in Liège. She participated in various seminars, clinical specialization, supervision led by Giorgio Nardone and his team (Arezzo, Paris and Liège). Supervised by JJ Wittezaele (IGB) and by Teresa Garcia (IGB – Circe) throughout her studies, she joined the IGB team in 2000 and worked there for more than 10 years as a therapist, trainer and supervisor. . Passionate about the interactional gaze and psychopathology, she worked as a psychologist for 9 years in a psychiatric institution, then in Family Planning. As part of her training activities, she has developed, in collaboration with Karine Mezzena, training modules in interactional psychopathology.
Together, they have also specialized in the follow-up of patients suffering from eating disorders. They are the founders of the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders at the IGB (2008-2011). They then participated in the development of a multidisciplinary approach specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from eating disorders and their families.
They are still investing in it and consulting in co-therapy in a specialized medical office. At the same time, Laurence Cleinge works as a psychologist in a center specializing in addictions, consults in the psychological medicine department and in the overweight clinic of the CHC hospital in Liège.
She is co-founder of Axiomes ( www.axiomes.eu ). She works there as a consultant and trainer in companies and organizations. She also co-hosts co-development workshops for managers.

dalla dembiermontDallas Dembiermont
LACT Research Partner

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Clinical Coach and Circé Trainer Clinical psychologist graduated from the University of Mons (Belgium), she was very quickly inspired for her interventions by the brief strategic systemic approach to which she is trained in particular with Teresa GARCIA-RIVERA at the Gregory Bateson Institute (Liège, Belgium). In addition, she holds, among other things, a Master's degree in strategic coaching followed by Giorgio Nardone (Strategic Therapy Center - Italy).

Since 2002, after 3 years of work supervising psychotic adolescents and their families in a medico-psychological institute, Dallas Dembiermont has mainly practiced individual family and couple psychotherapy, coaching as well as the supervision of professionals in a liberal consultation, activity combined with tasks of teaching in psychology and animations of seminars. Trainer at Circé since 2009, she mainly supervises modules related to therapy and clinical coaching.
Relieve suffering, allow a person or a structure to flourish and meet challenges, overcome blockages that we thought were almost unchangeable, allow the dissemination of the tools developed by Circe,... This is what defines the core of its dynamics professional. This is both at the individual level and at the group level.

Areas of expertise:
- Trainer and supervisor in brief strategic systemic intervention from Palo-Alto
- Relational and clinical coaching
- Prevention of psychosocial risks (through the strategic interactional approach)
- Integration of psycho-sociological concepts into professional practices ( functional application according to the needs of the individual and/or the structure)

Recent reference in the fields mentioned:
- EDF - sensitization of leaders and managers to the prevention of psychosocial risks

team christine2Christine Delabarre
Coach, trainer and psychologist at LACT

Trained as a psychologist, his interest in others is not limited to his function.
Above all, what she likes is meeting people and sharing a piece of life with them.
That's why she likes traveling, talking over a drink, … and why she liked doing radio. Of course, as a psychologist, trainer, coach, she is attentive to understanding how she can support a person in his activity or accompany him in a project or even explore his resources with him.
What he likes is to facilitate what can be experienced as complex, to reveal what is latent, untapped. So she makes sure to bring her interlocutor to understand what he wants for himself, then to live it.

In its change management and project support activity, it practices:
Skills assessment, professional retraining, career development and transition, psychological and oral preparation for exams and competitions. .
Individual coaching - integration into a new position, blocking situations, questions, conflict, managerial positioning. .
Group coaching - management seminar, project and team federation. .
Specific training in management, taking office, change management, assessment interview, recruitment. .
Training in stress prevention and management . Recruitment: development of job profiles, announcements, selection interviews.

chfauvet 2Christina Fauvet
LACT Research Partner
Psychotherapist, life coach

Passionate about communication and relationships, she is trained to support change. NLP (IFPNL master practitioner), transactional analysis (EAT), integrative hypnosis, are his first tools.

She followed the DESU in Life Coaching from the University of Paris 8 and became a Life Coach. There she meets the leaders of the IGB and falls into the cauldron of brief therapy... She then follows the entire clinical course of Psychotherapist in brief interactional strategic therapy of the IGB. In a process of permanent training, she is also trained in EMDR.

For more than 15 years, she has received in her Paris office anyone with difficulties or different forms of psychological suffering (personal, relational, family, etc.).

padraicDr. Padraic Gibson 
Clinical Psychotherapist - LACT Research Partner
He is a clinical psychotherapist in Dublin and Director of the Bateson Clinic and OCD Clinic® Dublin. He has been a psychotherapist and clinical director of state services for over 10 years. He is currently on the Clinical Register of Psychotherapists with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy, the Family Therapy Association of Ireland, the UK Council for Psychotherapy and the European Psychotherapy Association. He is also a clinical supervisor in systemic psychotherapy.

Dr. Padraic is a senior research associate at St. Patrick's College, Dublin City University, and an associate researcher, collaborator, clinician trainer and lecturer at the Center for Strategic Therapy in Arezzo, Italy. He was a clinical supervisor and professor at Mater Hospital, Dublin, and a trainer at the University of Sunderland and the University of Leeds, and was also a lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin.  

Dr. Padraic has published many research articles and conducted important clinical research projects with international colleagues.

Screenshot 2015 06 01 at 16.45.44

Beatrice Giraudeau
LACT Research Partner
Coach Therapist, author of a blog Sculpting your life . Website: click HERE
Trained and certified in NLP (IFPNL Practitioner), coaching (Coaching Master at ICI), and hypnosis (ECH Practitioner).
Since 2008 and alongside her 7 years of life coaching and hypnosis support, she has been training intensively in systemic and strategic therapies at the IGB where she is supervised. Being a coach and therapist is the fruit of his story and his personal journey.
More than a job, it's a passion and a way of being in the world... Alternately dancer, graphologist, HR consultant in recruitment, coach then therapist, she likes to say that she sculpts her life in search of meaning and evolution. “Obstacles have taught me to choose, not to submit, and my life serves as a laboratory for experimentation. Helping everyone to find their own path has become obvious.” Today she practices at the Sesame Center in Paris in the 10th arrondissement. Its fields of application: Addictions (especially smoking) and eating disorders / Depressive and anxious states, ocds and phobias / Chronic pain, stress and insomnia / Crises and life transitions (adolescent , family and couple) / Failures and school phobias, bullying at school / All issues related to lack of self-esteem
s hendrickProf. Stephan Hendrick 
Clinical Psychologist - Professor - LACT Research Partner - PhD
Clinical psychologist, Doctor in psychology, Psychotherapist, trainer. Trained in family therapy with Edith Tilmans and in clinical hypnosis with Eric Mairlot in Belgium. He won a scholarship to study at the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute with Paul Watzlawick and Dick Fisch. Associate Professor at the University of Mons in Belgium, he is currently in charge of courses & head of service - systemic clinical psychology & psychodynamics service
Nicholas MatthewNicolas Mathieu
LACT Research Partner - Coach
Before becoming a trainer and executive coach, Nicolas created two companies of which he was the general manager in the field of consulting and information systems in the early 90s. After selling his companies, in 2003 he joined a group of international marketing and consulting, of which he took over the management of operations. Today, he provides consultancy, design and facilitation of training seminars, and coaching for business leaders and executives. Nicolas is certified with several tools (TMI, Talents, MBTI, etc.) and coaching approaches, including systemic with Jacques-Antoine Malarewicz. Nicolas holds a DEA in history, which he completed with a DESU in coaching from the University of Paris VIII. He is currently a lecturer in masters 2 in algorithm and management at the Jean Monnet faculty.


Karine Mezzena
LACT Research Partner

Karine Mezzena graduated (Master) in psychology from the University of Geneva (2000) and the University of Liège (2004).
She has undergone intensive training at the Gregory Bateson Institute and is trained in conversational hypnosis at the IGB. She participated in various seminars, clinical specialization, supervision led by Giorgio Nardone and his team (Arezzo, Paris and Liège). Supervised by JJ Wittezaele (IGB) and by Teresa Garcia (IGB – Circe) throughout her course, she joined the IGB team in 2003 and worked there as a therapist, trainer and supervisor. Interested in the interactional gaze and psychopathology, she worked as a psychologist for 7 years in a psychiatric institution. On the strength of this experience, as part of her training activities, she has developed, in collaboration with Laurence Cleinge, training modules in interactional psychopathology.
Together, they have specialized in the follow-up of patients suffering from eating disorders. They were responsible for the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders at the IGB from 2008 to 2011. They then participated in the development of a multidisciplinary care specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from eating disorders and their family.
They are still investing in it and consulting in co-therapy in a specialized medical practice. At the same time, Karine Mezzena works in a center specializing in addictions and in the overweight clinic of the CHC hospital in Liège.
She is co-founder of Axiomes ( www.axiomes.eu ). She works there as a consultant and trainer in companies and organizations. She also co-hosts co-development workshops for managers.

 BON9733 Modification X3Bernardo Paoli
LACT Research Partner - Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Bernardo Paoli is a psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy. He trained with Professor Nardone. He is a hypnotherapist trained in brief medical hypnosis, managerial coach and international trainer in “Brief Strategic Psychotherapy”, “Communication and Problem Solving” and “Public Speaking”. He is the author of “Effective communication between doctor and patient” (Golem) and “How a therapist speaks. Strategic restructuring” (Franco Angeli). He collaborated as an author in the drafting of “International Dictionary of Psychotherapy” (Garzanti) and “Helping parents to help their children” (Ponte alle Grazie). He is active on social networks by publishing aphorisms, articles and educational videos on his facebook page "Bernardo Paoli psicoterapeuta", on the You Tube channel "Il Punto di Vista Strategico" and on his Blog "Effectto Contrario" and on the website www.bernardopaoli.it .

Screenshot 2016 05 06 at 10.48.40

Giada Pietrabissa
LACT Research Partner - Psychologist, Psychotherapist and PhD in Psychology

Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Doctor of Research in Psychology. Since 2011, she has been a researcher and clinical psychologist at San Giuseppe Hospital, IRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Oggebbio (VB) in Italy, where she provides psychological support to obese patients and/or suffering from eating disorders (DCA) and subjected to hospitalization-rehabilitation scheme . More specifically, Dr. Pietrabissa carries out clinical and research activities in the Department of Cardiology. The main research topic is the role of psychological factors in influencing people's quality of life, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of different psychological treatments in motivating patients to change an unhealthy lifestyle, preventing symptomatic relapses. medium and long term. Particular attention is directed towards technological innovation or ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for the treatment of chronic diseases. From 2014, after taking part in the motivational interviewing course with Prof. Stephen Rollnick, Dr. Pietrabissa uses this technology daily. method in her clinical practice. She also obtained the title of Brief Strategic Psychotherapist in 2015. She is a member of the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) and of the Italian Psychological Association (AIP) and of the editorial board of several scientific journals.

Emmanuelle PiquetEmmanuelle Piquet
LACT Research Partner - Psychotherapist and Author

Psychotherapist, graduate in psychology, graduate in brief and strategic therapy by the representative of the Mental Research Institute in Europe (Gregory Bateson Institute), she is the first to have modeled a way of intervening to counter bullying by applying to it the premises of this school. She is the author of five books, a dozen conferences, including two Tedx numerous articles on this theme. She is the founder of Chagrin Scolaire, a consultation and training center dedicated to school suffering, whether it is that of teachers or that of children and their parents in situations of bullying at school. She is also co-founder of the Center for Research on Interaction and Suffering in Business.

In 2015, she created the “A 180°” general brief therapy center. The Chagrin Scolaire and A 180° centers are now present in Mâcon, Lyon, Nantes, and Paris. She trains practitioners in brief and strategic therapy at the School of Palo Alto in French-speaking Europe and has just written a book on this subject which brings together the comments of around twenty clinical cases from her practice.

She is also a teacher at ESDES and trains students in relational intelligence in the management department and at the Higher School of Teaching and Education (ESPE) where she prepares student teachers to interact with difficult classes.

She is recently at the origin of the creation of the University Diploma "treating suffering in school and extracurricular environment" set up by the University of Burgundy in 2015.

Mary neighborhoodMarie Quartier
LACT Research Partner - PhD

Marie Quartier is responsible for the Orfeee Network. Associate professor of literature, trained in systemic and strategic interventions at the Palo Alto School, Marie Quartier is a trainer and therapist certified and approved by the Gregory Bateson Institute. After having developed for five years an activity specifically dedicated to the fight against school suffering, she contributes to the design as well as to the development of the Orfeee association and leads the Orfeee Network. Specialized in supporting the problems of teachers and students in difficulty at school, she regularly acts as an expert for the Ministry of National Education. She receives consultations in Lyon and gives training and conferences in France and in French-speaking Europe.

Anne RudisuhliAnne Rudisuhli
LACT therapist

She worked twenty years in the world of books in various Parisian publishing houses where she was more particularly responsible for communication.
She had the chance to be in contact with very different personalities and to learn how to manage the often lasting fears linked to the creative process, and to put in place strategies and develop an ability to adapt. With her training at the school of Palo-Alto (IGB) she appreciates to intervene in a methodological and strategic way to find solutions and thus solve relational problems in a sustainable way.
Alongside her collaboration with LACT, she receives patients in her private practice in Aix-en-Provence.

stephaneStephane Sancois
LACT Research Partner

After training in a business school and a master's degree in human resources management, Stéphane worked for nearly twenty years on HR issues. He held general operational positions in the chemicals and environment sector before specializing in human resources development, support for mobility and careers in the energy and services sector. He has worked for ENGIE's Corporate HR Department for eight years, where he notably led the development of professional mobility, implemented Group mobility policies and unified the International Mobility Guidelines, and coordinated the redeployment of large numbers of staff in the part of a reorganization. Very involved in personal development and training, he notably trained in leadership & change management and then in strategic systemic coaching with representatives of the Palo Alto school. He was successively involved with students from ESC St Etienne (BA EM Lyon) then ESSEC, but also within the Corporate University. Interested in entrepreneurial approaches and innovation, he has supported internal incubation processes, developed collaboration solutions between HR/mobility players, contributed to reflection on well-being and commitment to work.

RaúlDr. Raul Segura Dia
LACT Research Partner - Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Psychologist and psychotherapist specialized in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy. He works in Las Palmas (Canary Islands). Degree in Psychology at the University of La Laguna, Master in Brief Strategic Therapy in Madrid, Intensive Course in TBE in Arezzo directed by Professor Giorgio Nardone.


sophie subervilleSophie Suberville
Executive Director of the Mental research Institute

After studying business management, graduating with a Master's in Business Administration, she worked in the social service of the Consulate General of France in San Francisco She collaborated in the support of people in difficulty in expatriation situations, contributed with the American authorities to a project of integration and assistance to foreign prisoners. She trained in Strategic Therapy at the Mental Research Institute, and holds a diploma in psychological counseling. Passionate about the world of psychology, communication and human relations, she now directs the school of Palo Alto. Drawing on her personal experience as an immigrant in the United States, she has worked extensively on the subject of the integration of immigrants in their host country and on the emotional issues of this integration. She carries out, at several levels, activities that aim to promote the well-being and support of individuals or families in an immigration situation through the setting up of group meetings. She is the founder of Help-kids, meeting space for children and parents who lack communication

unnamedVanina Toledano
LACT Research Partner and LACT Speaker

After 15 years in business managing projects, managing multidisciplinary teams and interactional issues, I chose to engage with individuals and companies to support them in solving the difficulties they encounter.
Trained and supervised by Teresa Garcia at Circé, my working method is based on brief strategic systemic interventions, Palo Alto School approach, Circé Macroscopy, PEARLsystem©, IOS Coaching/solutionist drawing (Eric Bardot), narrative hypnosis and conversational. I practice a committed and benevolent coaching mixing quality of listening, sharpness of the analysis, precision of the questioning and creativity.
My fields of intervention:
Companies and individuals;
Families, children, teenagers, students, schools; Phobias, eating disorders, addictions... Co-creator of CircEducation in charge of school issues. Active member of the Center for Brief Therapy Coaching Stratégique. LACT brief therapy research partner

Alain ValleDr. Alain Vallée
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist - LACT Research Partner - PhD

A former hospital psychiatrist, now practicing as a liberal, he has recognized experience as a psychotherapist.
Founder and Honorary President of the AREPTA-Institut Milton Erickson in Nantes, he is also a lecturer at the IUD in pain in Nantes, at the DU in hypnosis in Montpellier, in a professional master's degree in psychology in Nantes.
He also provides training in hypnosis and brief therapies for several French-speaking institutes. He is the author of numerous communications on these subjects.

1acbcbb 2Tihamer Wertz
LACT Research Partner

Trained in the systemic and strategic approach (Gregory Bateson Institute) in 1994, he was a member between 1996 and 2012, a period during which he intervened at all stages of training as well as a supervisor and psychotherapist before becoming , in 2009, the direct collaborator of Jean-Jacques Wittezaele for the pedagogical coordination of training and development projects of the IGB. Trained in coaching (IGB) and hypnosis (Milton H.Erickson Institute). He participated in clinical specialization seminars and supervision led by Giorgio Nardone and his team (Arezzo, Paris and Liège). Supervised by JJ Wittezaele (IGB) and by Teresa Garcia (IGB – Circé), he has been carrying out strategic consultancy, conflict resolution, collective support for change in companies and treatment of work-related suffering for 10 years. He worked for 10 years in a psychosocial emergency service and gained solid experience in crisis intervention. He is a graduate (UcL) Master in Educational Sciences and Management of Organizations and works as a professor at the HEF-Ts (Fribourg) and the Executive School HEC-Ulg (Liège). He is co-founder of AXIOMES .