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Incivility - General

incivility blogIncivility is breaches of rules or customs; these are behavioral issues

They can occur in the close entourage, in the public or private space, with colleagues, customers, the public in general.

Incivility takes the form of a sudden conflict that can escalate very quickly.

It could be :

  • From a lack of courtesy
  • From an attitude of defiance
  • Insults
  • Verbal or even physical threats
  • Violent acts

Some figures from a 2011 study:

It is aggressive behavior that generates the most stress, even though politeness remains an important value in our society.

In companies, we note:

  • 7,000 daily incidents of incivility at the Post Office
  • a very powerful campaign at the RATP
  • in banks, there are 1/3 insults, 1/3 threats and 1/3 attacks

Although the “young people” are stigmatized, they say they are bothered, among other things, by the lack of knowing how to travel together. 

Keywords: incivilities , generalities

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