blog dimensionsChange leads to complex reactions and resistances.

Action : it is generally necessary to act to achieve new objectives, at the very least to do otherwise

Emotion : change is accompanied by a different feeling which can give rise to anxiety; it is therefore a question of composing with.

In this case, the dimensions of change are as follows:

  • the company has moved
  • the goal is to work better together
  • to get in touch with more internal and external interlocutors while improving the quality of this relationship


The employees concerned must in fact: 

  • agree to enter a new context
  • integrate the resulting constraints
  • positive to feel good in what we could define as another era


With an opponent, it is essential not to resort to rational arguments at the risk of creating crisis situations. "They didn't know it was possible, so they did it"

We can say that the resistance to change is more or less exacerbated depending on the communication that is made around the event. Because it is not the quality of the individual that is in question but the quality of the particular relationship between the individual and his environment.