doubts questionsWhen we implement a problem solving intervention model in a company, we begin to work with sponsors to:

  • Identify the ambivalences, the attempts at solutions, these famous attempts at dysfunctional solutions, the resistances and all that contributes to the rigid perception of the protagonists. 
  • The order is thus clarified upstream.

We then pay close attention to strategic moments, in particular to restitution. Because, if the key players in the situation have a structuring role, we observe that the management most often delegates problems of this type to the HR department, not seeing itself involved and bearing any responsibility.

Another important point to underline is that we mix the hierarchical levels which allows everyone to take their place. In this type of situation, we always work in pairs because the emotional nature is enormous and this mode of approach to two makes us more efficient. It also facilitates the distribution of individual interviews.

The actions implemented are converging between the individual and the collective to allow to act in a more consensual way and at a time:

  • Bringing out different alternative solutions
  • Accelerate the individual process in a collective dynamic
  • Developing personal abilities
  • Reduce the time of global change by contextualizing it socially
  • Act on the resistances that are expressed by the group and the singularities of each one
  • Orient individual behavior towards collective goals of change