blog procrastinationHow to get out of the trap and the cage in which we find ourselves?

The first move is to envision the horrible scenario.

It is first necessary to treat and anticipate the panic and to reinforce the state of panic in which the scenario plunges the procrastinator.

The purpose of this scenario is to create an aversion, a fear of procrastinating.

The 2nd movement is "to cut the mountain into very small pieces", that is to say, to prescribe to the person very short times during which he will do the work which seems daunting to him, with formal prohibition of overtaking.

We know that the procrastinator favors what is pleasant before tackling what is constraining.

The general prescription

Doing something you don't like to do every day = “golden rule for getting used to doing your duty effortlessly”.

This is similar to an inoculation of toxic poison but in homeopathic doses.

By putting this protocol into practice, the procrastinator tells himself that he is doing, that he has already done, the work that seemed insurmountable to him.