The working groups were created during the meeting of the partners; there were 25 of us and we defined 4 main themes around which the first groups formed and began to work:

  • The Network theme : how to develop the internal network, how to find other people and promote our collaborations in the form of articles, for example, patient exchanges according to the particularities of each, how to exchange good practices
  • The External Communication theme : this involves producing articles, publishing a first book. Within this group, a sub-group is specifically responsible for companies
  • The theme Working with doctors : how to make yourself known and discuss with doctors, establish partnerships, undertake studies with them
  • The theme Studies and research : how to use the data collected by the program

We take advantage of the meetings we hold on encoding to discuss the progress of the work of these groups. And on May 19, we will take advantage of our "partners" meeting to take stock of these 4 themes.