In the case of a type 2 trauma, with forgotten, cut memories, even early childhood traumas that resurface when one is an adult, can one apply the novel of the trauma or are there other tracks, other techniques?


The first time I applied the trauma novel, he was 35 years old. Of course, there had been lots of consequences and in particular a series of avoidances with a very active action on the part of the person to try to forget this event. This 35-year struggle had of course had other consequences.

In this case, it is very important to define the trauma from a strategic point of view. 

If this trauma from the past emerges in the present without the person wanting it, spontaneously, if the images of childhood arrive in the same way and even if the memories are not clear, it is a trauma from the point of strategic view. 

On the other hand, if the trauma is reconstructed and gives rise to an interpretation on the part of the person who says that he does not remember very well, it is not a trauma from the strategic point of view.