Marie-Josée is a psychologist in Canada.


Marie-Josée, can you tell us how the lessons are going for you?  

We have 3h30 live on the web. It's very good because you can follow them from home. It's dense, it requires work to read and deepen notions that are ultimately quite complex. What I appreciate the most is that we go in depth. I had followed training in strategy before but I had been disappointed precisely because it remained quite superficial.

The training is 3 years; so it's heavy but worth it. We learn a lot.


Can you explain to us what Moodle brings next to live courses?

Moodle is an internet platform on which we do live exercises during lessons but also on which we find all the course recordings, course notes and tests to be done between two sessions. This is very valuable because the concepts are complex; we think we have understood and in fact not. So you have to review to appropriate them.


In summary, I am very satisfied.