It's trying to change the frequency.
We're going to tell the person "I'm not going to ask you to stop because you wouldn't be able to give up, but every time you'll do this little thing: when you eat, you want to run to the bathroom to vomit Look at your watch and wait an hour without eating or drinking anything. In an hour you'll be going to the bathroom." This technique breaks the eating-vomiting pleasure sequence.

  • she will stop eating for fear of gaining weight
  • she will reduce the amount of food


In any case, the perception that eating and vomiting is a pleasure will change. She will slowly free herself.

We will increase the duration of the interval 2h, 3h if the person stops vomiting.

And we will use an aphorism: "between guilt and pleasure, always wins the pleasure.

The anoxic who escapes pleasure must be re-educated, the bulimic who forbids himself to eat completely loses control and will eat more and more and get bigger and bigger; she must learn to give herself pleasure in order to give it up. "If you give yourself pleasure, you can give it up, if you forbid yourself, you can't give it up".

The eat/vomit sequence is the ultimate pleasure sequence; it is necessary to give to the person other ways of pleasure.