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The SPR (Perception Reaction System) are integrated into the diagnostic field of SYPRENE Expert

Seven new SPR (Perception Reaction System) operating diagnostics are integrated into SYPRENE Expert.

In the Contacts/Main information tab, the diagnosis field has been enriched with 7 new modalities, describing the SPR (perception-reaction system), a concept developed by Nardone, as a complexity reducer (described for the first time in his book “Fear, panic, phobias”): Obsessive-Phobic, Obsessive-Phobic, Obsessive (pure), Obsessive-Compulsive, Obsessive-Paranoid, Paranoid (pure). 

This is interactional diagnosis (not DSM). We observe these SPRs through attempts at redundant solutions that an individual puts in place in the management of his personal, interpersonal and social reality and which makes a problem persist. An SPR is therefore a recurrent structure of the problem.  



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