Lots of new things
are coming!

2 or more people

The interactional schema can now take two forms accessible by checking or unchecking the box:

“in the case of 2 or more people”

without ticking it, the diagram can be elaborated in the relation to oneself; by checking it, it allows to integrate 2 people (or more).

Objective and Position in relation to the problem

objective field (which was initially positioned in the Strategy tab), at the heart of the interactional diagram under the "problem" field.

This is the therapeutic goal negotiated between the therapist and the patient.

It is now here (and no longer in the strategy tab), that it must be entered, even if it remains as a reminder in the Strategy tab (read-only).

We have added a new field " Position of the patient in relation to his problem ". It can either be selected from 4 choices or filled in by entering a free text.

Finally, for the " Sensation/Emotions " field, the choice " Pain" has been replaced by " Sadness "

New Orders!

In the Prescriptions tab, 3 new prescriptions have been added:

" Thanks to What ", " 5-4-3-2-1 ", and the " Procrastination Task "