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Harassment - Giulia RINALDI - EN3M16 - 2023/24

600,00 €



Web training module 2023/24
(in Italian with live translation in French)



Psychotherapist and researcher associated with the Center for Strategic Therapy of Arezzo of Prof. Giorgio NARDONE

This unit module of 2 clinical training sessions comes from the advanced level of training in systemic and strategic approach of LACT.


This module presented by Giulia RINALDI will deal with bullying and its management according to Brief Strategic Therapy. She will address:  

  • The different types of psychological violence
  • The difference between mobbing and straining
  • The difference between aggression and violence
  • The EGE model
  • Bullying 
  • Intervention and Dysfunctional Solution Attempts
  • Examples of concrete cases 
  • Real or suspected psychotic disorders
  • Male or female sexual dysfunction

During this module, both theoretical and practical, Giulia will discuss various techniques and specific therapeutic protocols approved by the Strategic Therapy Center of Arezzo.

Module overview

Training objectives and skills acquired

  • Acquire specific techniques, strategies, therapeutic stratagems and protocols
  • Improve your skills in dealing with bullying
  • Learning through practice (simulations, role plays and exercises) and case study.

Skills acquired at the end of the training

  • Conduct a strategic systemic intervention by implementing the stages of the protocols with rigor and flexibility in order to adapt to the uniqueness of the patient and his situation.
  • Improved understanding and management of patients suffering from harassment.

Module program

• Session 1: Monday 03/18/2024 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Europe/Paris: Harassment - S1 - Giulia RINALDI - Translator: Cristina BASILE - EN3M16 - 2023/24
• Session 2: Monday 03/25/2024 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Europe/Paris: Harassment - S2 - Giulia RINALDI - Translator: Cristina BASILE - EN3M16 - 2023/24

Target audience and prerequisites

  • Any student or professional in the field of accompaniment and helping relationship


Giulia RINALDI is a psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher associated with the Center for Strategic Therapy in Arezzo, directed by Professor Giorgio Nardone. She is registered in the Register of Psychologists, Tuscany Region (n. 3487) and specialized in Brief Strategic Therapy, Model of Giorgio Nardone, at the School of Specialization of Arezzo directed by Prof. Giorgio Nardone and recognized by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research.

She is also specialized in the School of Specialization in Communication, Problem Solving and Strategic Coaching, at the Center for Strategic Therapy (STC) of Arezzo and perfected in Strategic Hypnosis, the Model of Giorgio Nardone.

Modality, means and teaching aids

Interactive and experiential approach

  • Individual work, in pairs and sub-groups during and outside the sessions
  • Excerpts from intervention sessions or complete sessions 
  • Group facilitation method (LS/Wooclap)
  • Analysis and sharing of experiences

Evaluation and monitoring methods

Obtaining the certificate for this module requires: 

  • to have passed 75% of the homework to be done outside of class (MCQ, videos, homework, collaborative work, etc.) 
  • to have attended at least 75% of the course sessions 

Assessment of student satisfaction

At the end of the training, a satisfaction questionnaire will be completed by each participant so that they can assess the relevance of the content of the training with regard to their professional practice and the achievement of their objectives.

--> 95% of our students are satisfied with their training  = number of students who gave a score greater than or equal to 7 out of 10 (0: "not at all satisfied"; 10: "completely satisfied")


  • Special rate : €600 including tax
  • Rate reserved for lactation students : €420 including tax
  • Company rate : €690 incl. tax


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