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SYPRENE : research web meeting (English) : "Stay brief: how the mindset determines the brevity of your therapy" Flavio CANNISTRÀ

Lundi 16 Décembre 2019, 18:00 - 19:30

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SYPRENE research web meeting (English)
 2019 Dicember 16 - from 6 pm to 7.30 pm Paris time

Stay brief: how the mindset determines the brevity of your therapy

Speaker : Flavio CANNISTRÀ

How is it possible to be brief in therapy? How can you help people in just a few sessions - even one? The so-called "verdict of Dodo" tells us that all the therapies are equally effective; we should then consider their efficiency - that is, how to make them last less. According to studies on common factors, much of the variance in psychotherapy depends on the characteristics of the person and the therapeutic relationship, but we believe that the mindset of the therapist is also fundamental. If he/she is not able to adopt a "brief therapy mindset" and, before that, a "single session mindset", therapy (and the person) may have no chance of lasting a few or even a single meeting. In this presentation we will give practical guide lines to illustrate the importance of adopting an adequate mindset to reduce the timing of therapy.

LACT Research organizes the monthly web-meetings among clinicians, researchers and trainers specialized in psychology, psychotherapy and mental health.  The goal of the web-meetings is to create online community space for sharing practice, knowledge and experiences


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