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Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

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Develop agility and

and relational skills

You wish :

  • allow your employees to strengthen their relational and emotional agility 
  • offer your teams an adaptive training program
  • use internal resources to build skills
  • allow isolated actors to benefit that a collective
  • implement innovative training methods

We support you:

  • your organization in a process that goes from raising awareness to in-depth acquisition of skills
  • your managers to deploy new leadership methods 
  • your teams to better navigate the inevitable tensions in any learning process
  • your employees to engage in operational learning processes

Our device:

  • the first live and interactive web-training center  
  • a training center in Paris and in the region
  • training in INTER and INTRA
  • tailor-made training according to your challenges
  • a team of about thirty senior speakers in France and abroad
  • stakeholders all experts in systemic approach and process intervention 
  • if necessary, an operative diagnosis allowing the intervention to be targeted as closely as possible
  • formative intervention techniques based on experimentation 
  • collective interventions based on a problem solving methodology and liberating structure techniques
  • individual interventions when necessary (Lact Assistance)

Other services
to develop relational performance

Develop agility and emotional and relational skills

Develop collective intelligence


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