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Brief and effective treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders

The TOC and Anxiety Disorders Clinic®
is a partner of the European network OCD Clinic ®

It is now established in Ireland, Malta, Italy and France

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Excellence in processing through scientific research

The Clinique des TOCs® is the only clinic entirely dedicated to obsessive compulsive disorder in all its forms. The main goal of our clinic is to provide the most effective, brief and efficient treatment for all forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

From hand washing to counting, obsessive fixations to hair pulling, binge eating or vomiting and self-harm, our unique treatment is developed and advanced through our ongoing scientific research.

Our clinical research process involves the coordinated and continuous feedback from each of our clinics in Ireland, Italy, Malta and France, in which we continually seek to perfect our treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

We help our patients overcome their obsessive compulsive disorder. Our goal is to provide you with the understanding and keys necessary to resolve this disorder.

At the Clinique des TOCs®, it is possible to permanently overcome obsessive compulsive disorder. With our effective professional treatment and the support of family and friends when needed, it is possible to eradicate all traces of OCD in a person's life.

Strategic Brief Therapy®

Using over 25 years of clinical research and with thousands of patients successfully treated using our intervention model known as Brief Strategic Therapy®, we have proven (Gibson 2014, 2016, 2019a, 2019b, 2019c, Nardone 2013, Portelli, 2007) that while human problems can be persistent, complicated, and painful, we don't always need some long, drawn-out form of intervention to fix the problem and alleviate the suffering.

Our model has proven to be the most effective and efficient form of treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder currently available anywhere (Ray & Nardone 2007).

Whether you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder or are a family member, friend, or healthcare professional, this site aims to provide you with information about the signs, symptoms, and effective treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder.


OCD affects approximately 2 to 3% of the French population


Our success rate in managing OCD and associated symptoms


Our commitment to help you fight OCD

About the OCD and Anxiety Disorders Clinic

Claude de Scorraille

Director of the OCD and Anxiety Disorders Clinic in France, psychologist

Psychologist, psychotherapist and co-founder of LACT, of which she is the president. She directs the OCD and Anxiety Disorders Cinics in partnership with the European center the OCD Clinic. She teaches and trains via the web at the relationship clinic within the international school LACT. Within the CSAPA of Montreuil, she has a consultation specializing in addiction disorders and supervises the team. She is the co-author of several books and regularly gives conferences.

Dr Gregoire Vitry

Systemic Therapist & Director of LACT

PhD, doctor-researcher in psychology, systemic therapist, director and co-founder of LACT. Scientific director of the international research program SYPRENE and director of the international training school LACT. Within the CSAPA of Montreuil, he leads a research consultation specializing in addiction disorders.

Olivier Brosseau

Systemic therapist

Therapist, coach, supervisor and trainer in strategic systemic approach, associated with LACT. He teaches at the IAE of Paris within the Master of Administrations and Companies the module "Organizations and behaviors".


padraic gibson

Dr. Padraic Gibson

Director of the Clinique des TOCs ®, consultant psychotherapist

Dr. Padraic Gibson is a consultant psychotherapist. He runs the TOCs ® in Ireland in Dublin. He is also a clinical researcher, collaborator and trainer at the Centro Terapia Strategica in Arezzo (Italy) and a certified clinical supervisor in systemic psychotherapy.

Claudette PORTELLI

Dr. Claudette Portelli

Clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher and trainer

Dr. Portelli is a lecturer at the University of Malta and its various affiliated centers in Europe, USA, Mexico and Colombia. She is also a collaborator and researcher in action at the Centro di Terapia Strategica (Arezzo, Italy). She is the director of the OCD Clinic ® in Malta.


Dr. Matteo Papantuono

Psychologist, psychotherapist and trainer

Matteo Papantuono has more than fifteen years of teaching experience in many Italian schools. He is the director of the OCD Clinic in Ancona, Italy.