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Terms of Sales

1. The LACT Cabinet

LACT is a therapeutic intervention, training and research firm that offers a range of advice, training, services and consultations with companies, with patients as well as supervision of practitioners.

The company is registered with the Beauvais RCS under number 802 735 290; its registered office is at 16 les Groux 60 240 LIANCOURT SAINT PIERRE – France.

The services are carried out either with its own means, or with the help of external contributors, organizations with which collaboration agreements have been made.

Sessions, whatever their nature, can be carried out at Cabinet LACT, by telephone, skype or in an external location to be defined contractually.

2. Purchase of services

Any order for services to LACT by the Customer is subject to these general terms and conditions of sale and, the signature by the Customer of one of the contractual documents provided for in article 2 entails his full acceptance.

This order is materialized contractually by an order form, a contract, a training agreement or mission letter.

3. Contract document

In addition to the mandatory information, the contractual document includes: the name or business name of the Customer, his Siret number, his address, the name of his duly authorized representative, as well as any practical information promoting exchanges with LACT.

In the context of a service relating to continuing vocational training, the order form or the vocational training agreement must include the information provided for in article R.6353-1 of the Labor Code, i.e.: the title and the nature of the training action, the duration, the workforce, the procedures and the price of the service.

The contract comes into force as soon as it is signed by the parties concerned; each receives a copy of the original document.

During the performance of the services, the modifications which require the agreement of the parties give rise to the signing of an amendment to the contractual document.

4. Invoicing – Payment

All prices are indicated excluding taxes and are to be increased by the VAT rate of 20% for companies. Any taxes, room rental costs, as well as bank charges caused by the method of payment used are the responsibility of the Customer. The travel expenses of the consultant(s) or the trainer(s) will be invoiced in addition.

Except in special cases to be defined contractually, payments will be made in cash when ordering.

5. Cancellation, postponement, abandonment – ​​Forfeiture of training

The training dates are fixed by mutual agreement between LACT and the Client and are firmly blocked. They are not refundable in the event of cancellation at the customer's request. 

In the event that the services are postponed or canceled by LACT, the Customer is informed in writing and has the choice between reimbursement of the sums paid or the postponement of the service to a later date without being able to claim any other compensation.

6. Responsibilities of LACT

The obligation subscribed by LACT within the framework of the services which it delivers is an obligation of means and can in no case be interpreted as an obligation of result.

7. Intellectual Property

In application of the legislation relating to intellectual property (protection in terms of copyright, registered trademark), the course materials, tools and any document in general made available to the Client and its staff are the property of LACT or delegated speakers. Consequently, the exploitation, reproduction, adaptation, translation, marketing and representation by any process of communication of all or part of these are prohibited both for the Customer and for its employees or others under penalty of prosecution. judicial.

8. Confidentiality

The parties undertake to keep confidential the information and documents concerning the other party of any nature whatsoever, economic, technical or commercial, to which they may have access during the training or the intervention.

9. Communications

The client agrees to be quoted by LACT as a client of its services, at the expense of LACT. The Firm may mention the name of the Client as well as an objective description of the nature of the services in its references.

10. Personal data

The information collected by LACT is used solely for reasons of internal management of the company and ease of communication with its customers (newsletter). The LACT firm does not communicate the information it holds to third parties in any capacity whatsoever. Any person registered in our databases may be provided with information concerning them, request its rectification or be deleted. And this on simple receipt of a simple mail at the head office of the cabinet.

11. Disputes

For any dispute relating to the execution of the order, the contract or the agreement, amicable settlement will be preferred. In case of persistent disagreement, the court of Beauvais will have sole jurisdiction.

12. Applicable law

These general conditions of sale are governed by French law.


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Printed on 05-06-2023

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