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Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

Online Open House on April 5, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Come and discover our training courses in systemic approach and hypnosis

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The 5 circles of resilience of Dr. Emmanuel Contamin
"The tree of anguish that hides the forest of traumas" - Gérald Brassine
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From when can we intervene in cases of post-traumatic stress? by Claude de SCORRAILLE
How to spot post traumatic stress "hidden behind" depression? by Claude de SCORRAILLE
Accompanying acute and post-traumatic stress in services (La gazette des communes)
Managing acute stress and post-traumatic stress - BEST 2016 Salon Workshop
Acute and post-traumatic stress: emotions and practical cases by Teresa GARCIA
How to act after a traumatic event? by Claude de SCORRAILLE
The strategic treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder by Roberta MILANESE
From trauma to post-traumatic stress by Roberta MILANESE
"Psychologists at the bedside of a France in shock" (Article from LE MONDE)
"Our dreams after the attacks" (Article from Rue89)
"Paris attacks: How to help others cope with the shock" (Article from L'OBS)