LE MONDE tribune signatories:
“The systemician is a real clinician of the relationship. It reduces the complexity of situations without distorting it”

Dr. Boris CYRULNIK : neurologist, psychiatrist, ethologist and psychoanalyst

Dr. Robert NEUBURGER : psychiatrist, couple and family therapist, honorary professor Université Libre de Bruxelles

Claude de SCORRAILLE : psychologist, systemicist, president of LACT

Dr. Grégoire VITRY : systemic therapist, researcher at Paris 8 and Paris Descartes, director of LACT / SYPRENE and president of SYPRES

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“The systemician is a real clinician of the relationship.

It reduces the complexity of situations without distorting it” Around fifty deputies and experts, including neurologist Boris Cyrulnik, psychiatrist Robert Neuburger, systemic psychologist Claude de Scorraille, and systemic therapist Grégoire Vitry, president and general manager of LACT invite the public authorities, in a forum in the "World" to put "the relationship" at the heart of mental health and society.

Read the article from Le Monde: https://www.lemonde.fr/idees/article/2022/11/26/le-systemicien-est-un-veritable-clinicien-de-la-relation-il-reduit-la -complexity-of-situations-without-distorting-it_6151719_3232.html

Dr. Patrick BANTMAN , honorary psychiatrist of the Hospitals of Paris, former head of department, family therapist

Stéphanie ATGER , LREM MP for Essonne

Didier BAICHÈRE , former LREM deputy for Yvelines

Dr. Eric BARDOT psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, liberal psychotherapist. Director of the MIMETHYS Institute

Dr. Sophie BARON LAFORET , honorary hospital psychiatrist, former president of the AFC Association Française de Criminologie

Audrey BECUWE , HDR lecturer, University of Limoges.

Dr. Julien BETBEZE , psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, editor-in-chief of the journal "Hypnosis and brief therapies"

Laurent BIBARD , teacher

Marina BLANCHART , Psychologist, Trainer and Director of Virages

Arnaud BORNENS , systemic coach, founder of the coaching and organizational consulting firm Everswing and its Fabulous Systemic Learning training school

Pascale BOYER , LREM MP for the Hautes Alpes

Olivier Gabriel BROSSEAU , systemician, therapist, trainer and supervisor, partner of LACT

Stéphane BUJOLD , psychologist

Agnès CALENDRAY , Systemic Coach

Philippe CHALUMEAU , former LREM deputy for Indre-et-Loire

Jean-Pierre COUTERON , addictologist psychologist, Oppelia Association, former president of the Addiction Federation

Bénédicte CRUCIS , systemician - Speaker - Business manager

Yves DE ROTEN , lecturer and researcher, University of Lausanne

Nathalie DURIEZ , HDR lecturer, Paris 8 University; family therapist, CSAPA Monceau

Véronique ENNES , systemic therapist, relationship clinician

Sokhna FALL , family therapist, victimologist, systemicist, trainer in systemic approaches in family therapy and in the management of psychotrauma

Pierre FERRERI , systemic therapist, trainer and supervisor, president of the Metis Interactions association

Agnès FIRMIN LE BODO , former MODEM MP for Seine-Maritime

Pascal GACHE , Addictologist & author of "Practical Guide to Motivational Interviewing"

Jean-Paul GAILLARD , systemic therapist, honorary university professor, researcher (systemic modeling in psychopathology)

Emmanuelle GALLIN , systemic therapist, LACT researcher

Vincent GÉRARD , psychologist, lecturer and trainer in brief systemic and strategic therapy

Béatrice GIRAUDEAU , systemic therapist and hypnotherapist

Nathalie GOUJON , systemic therapist, trainer and supervisor at IFR Palo Alto

Edith GOLDBETER MERINFELD , doctor of psychology, honorary professor at the Free University of Brussels, director of training at the Institute for Family and Human Systems Studies (Brussels), trainer and family therapist

Nathalie GRANDJEAN , psychotherapist and communication trainer

Bénédicte HEMAR, systemic coach, partner of the coaching and organizational consulting firm Everswing and its Fabulous Systemic Learning training school

Cyril ISAAC-SIBILLE , MODEM MP for the Rhône

Monique JEBEAREAN , Head of Territorial Cooperation The Safeguarding of Yvelines

Michel LAUZZANA , LREM deputy for Lot et Garonne

Monique LIMON , former LREM MP for Isère

Nicolas MATHIEU, systemic coach, founder of the coaching and organizational consulting firm Everswing and its Fabulous Systemic Learning training school

Jean-Michel MIS , LREM deputy for Loire

Dr. Jean-Luc MONSEMPES , trainer in systemic and integral approaches to health and chronic diseases.

Sandrine MÖRCH , former LREM MP for Haute Garonne

Pr. Gérard OSTERMANN , professor of therapy, internal medicine, psychotherapist

Michel PAILLET , President Welcome Complexity & X-Human and Social Sciences

Nicolas PASTOUR , psychiatrist

Bénédicte PÉTELLE , former LREM deputy for Hauts-de-Seine

Michèle PEYRON , LREM deputy for Seine-et-Marne

Emmanuelle PIQUET , founder of the A 180 degrees consultation and training centers

Claudette PORTELLI , clinical psychologist

Damien RICHARD , teacher-researcher, INSEEC Grande Ecole, Management & Occupational Health Chair - Grenoble IAE, IFR Palo Alto

Mireille ROBERT , former LREM MP for Aude

Bénédicte ROUSSEAU, executive coach, systemician

Anne RUDISUHLI , family therapist and departmental advisor

Bénédicte SERVAIS , psychotherapist, trainer, brief therapy supervisor Social worker according to the Palo Alto model. Director of the Relationship Cabinet

Marie SILIN , former LREM deputy from Paris

Dr. Dominique STEIMLE , medical doctor, psychotherapist, systemicist

Claire TANNE , systemic therapist, relationship clinician

Marie TAMARELLE-VERHAEGHE , former LREM deputy for Eure

Laurence VANCEUNEBROCK , former LREM MP for Allier

Michèle de VAUCOULEURS , former MODEM MP for Yvelines

Souad ZITOUNI , former LREM MP for Vaucluse

Jean Marc ZULESI , LREM MP for Bouches-du-Rhône

Other signatories

DUBOIS DEJEAN Anne marriage and family counsellor, family therapist at Cabinet Families and Company

LAMOUREUX Claude , INSA engineer and former lecturer at HEC

MICHAU Jean-Henri , coach

HACHICH Abessa , systemic psychotherapist

CHERIF Zeineb maya , risk officer

RACINE Geneviève , retired DCIO supervising psychotherapist

BISSERIER Laure , specialized educator

CORBOZ Jessy , family therapist

MASTER Amanda , psychotherapist in Brief Therapy according to the Palo Alto model

LEPINE Emmanuelle , clinical psychologist- family therapist

MINET Alain , researcher at LCSP and Paris 7

FAUVET Christina , psychotherapist

BACONNIER Christophe , magistrate and coach

BOURGLAN Yannique , Equicoach equitherapist

WATTELLE Valerie , coach

ZEPPENFELD Christine , Deputy Principal

PERROT Carine , organizational psychologist

FALCOZ christophe , psychotherapist in brief, systemic and strategic therapy, Coeur&Sens

SCHLEICH Isabelle , Trainer-Coach

DUJARDIN Nathalie , coach

HENRIE Danièle , DE mediator and systemic therapist

ROSENBERG Khalid , systemicist of organizations

DELROEUX Olivier , psychiatrist - systemic therapist

TANNDT-NOWAK Margot , Director of Education, Systemician

BLIMA Denise , certified professional coach and supervisor

COSTE Bruno , administrator

RAINAUT Franck , certified professional coach

MULKO Sabine , systemic therapist, hypnotherapist and supervisor

PINILLA MARIN  Andres , independent nurse in mental health & psychiatry

JECKEL Julie , Family Mediator

NIATI Abdelhamid , Professional coach

NAODINGAR Geneviève , consultant coach

MEYRIGNAC Céline , Work psychologist trained in systemic intervention in companies

COCHOU Émeline , psychotherapist

CAZAUD-ROMANENS Marie-Hélène , retired psychiatrist

BEAUVILLARD Anne , practitioner and researcher on cooperation and the quality of the relationship, InsTerCoop institute of cooperative territories

MEYER Pascale , coach

CHAUVIN Sylvie , psychologist

SAUVAITRE Laure , relational therapist

BOIS Béatrice , supervisor, family mediator

SERANGE Marie , psychologist

MAIGRET Olivier , consultant coach

BENYAHIA Yacine , special educator, family therapist

MARTINEAU Christophe , coach and trainer

MARCHAND Géry , psychologist, family therapist

GORLENKO Natalia , clinical psychologist, psychotherapist

HUMEAU Karine , network facilitator

PREGNO Gilbert , psychologist, President of the Consultative Commission on Human Rights

CHENET Charlotte , family therapist

ALBERTON Corinne , school assistant

DORIDON Christine , psychotherapist in brief systemic and strategic therapy

BERRAZZOUK Amine , engineer and Psychologist

DEMERLÉ Eric , professional coach, certified in systemic approach

MATZKE Claudio , systemic practitioner, family therapist

DE SCORRAILLE Etienne , retired

RODRIGUES DA SILVA Anne-sophie , lawyer

TESSIER dimitri , family therapist psychologist

PUYSSEGUR Maryline , psychologist

CHOLLET Nathalie , systems engineer

GHIRINGHELLI Eva , systemic therapist, hypnotherapist, sex therapist

CHAMPAGNAC Benedicte , head of department

SZWARC Karla , Communication interface in LSF

ADRIEN Vladimir , psychiatrist

INSA Herve , psychotherapist and professional coach

ZOUAIN Marie-Aude , clinician of the practical relationship of hypnosis

BERNARD Roxane , relational therapist, educational psychologist, teacher

BRETHES Christophe , psychogeriatrician

BERTIN Christophe , relationship practitioner

SAMUEL Raymonde , psychotherapist

BLEIN Laetitia , certified professional coach and trainer

BAUZA Marie , psychologist Family therapist

DUFAYEL Nathalie , family therapist

CARO Sabrina , psychologist

FREDERICQ Celine , professional mediator

AMESSAN Degny , doctor

MAS Sylvie , general practitioner

ALLIMANN Frédérique , family therapist

CARRON Pascal , teacher trainer.

BRENGARD Dominique , child psychiatrist emeritus of hospitals, family therapist.

GHANDOUR Sabrina , coach - psychotherapist

VITRY Marie-Laure , designer

SAISON MARSOLLIER Sandrine , pedagogue and trainer

DUMORTIER Saoussen , retirement

TONNELÉ Arnaud , coach


VERNIER AnneSophie , practitioner in Brief Therapy

SCOTT Laura , real estate agent

CIERZNIEWSKI Eric , trainer coach

BAUZA Marie , family psychologist therapist

BARTHEZ Christelle , social mediator

ALLIMANN Frédérique , family therapist

JULIA Christophe , systemic therapist

FREITAS Rute , psychologist

CHARRAS CAROLE , psychosociologist

GERNET Emmanuelle , systemic approach and EMDR psychologist

SANTOS Lydie , social worker and family therapist in systemic

CORRE-TAALBA Sandrine , psychologist / doctoral student

OUAKNINE SERGE , director Writer Poet morning and night Polyglot

BOURGIN Catherine , insurance manager

ANCEL Geneviève , territorial administrator

BRUN Audrey , systemic psychologist

BERTIN Christophe , social worker

LEHMANN MIKAEL , coach and psychotherapist in systemic and strategic brief therapy

D'ESCATHA PICAT Aurelie , engineer Coach Relationship clinician in training

HACHE Béatrice , psychologist

ALCIDE DIT CLAUZEL Line , management controller

DIEUX Magali , head of education

LABISSY Anne-Hélène , certified professional coach, systemician

RONGER Valérie , specialized educator and systemic therapist

IBAR Isabelle , CFO

ROGER Sébastien , certified transition manager coach

VIE Chantal , family therapist and DE Mediator

REGHEM Patricia , HR

WEGERICH Karine , early childhood service manager

HEWARD Charlotte , Humanitarian

FOUBERT isabelle , HR consultant Skills assessment Professional coach

NGUYEN HUYNH Frédéric , professional coach

DJIDA DANYA , IT engineer, social entrepreneur,

DALMASSO cyriane , coach

BARTOLI Dominique , systemic therapist

WEIDENAUER Bertrand , strategic coach

PAVIE Christophe , dietitian-nutritionist

MAMLOUK Amélie , clinical psychologist - family couple therapist

COTINAUT Francoise , psychotherapist

COSTEDOAT-LAMARQUE Bénédicte , professional coach, supervisor, speaker and author

FREHRING Corinne , systemic therapist

CHEVALIER Paul , student


PERREAU Christiane , systemic therapist

SIMONET Julie , psychotherapist in brief systemic and strategic therapy and Mediator

DE RUS LLORDEN Coralie , AS / Legal expert / Family therapist

MASCLET Laurent , psychiatrist, family therapist

DEREL Camille , systemic approach practitioner


COUANON Cathy , sophrologist and family therapist

LACASSIN Carine , therapist

MALAVAL Sylvie , coordinator

PIZZATO Samuel , General Manager in Territorial Collectivity / Doctoral student in management sciences

MEILLAND Fabienne , specialist educator

DE MAUPEOU Anne charlotte , therapist

JOUZEL Pascale , psychotherapist

SZWERTAK Erzana , coach, systemic therapist and hypnosis practitioner

BOUSCASSE Nathalie , sociologist and executive coach

PARIS-ZAPATA Céline , psychologist

DANILENKOFF Laura , educator and Sophrologist

LAFITTE Jean-Yves , doctor

FOTI David , specialized educator and sophrologist

DETOLLENAERE Amelie , Learning & Development Manager, Psychologist and Coach

LAMIAUX Colette , Relationship Clinician Systemicist

DAS Jean-Philippe , Systemic therapist

BAJARD Séverine , social worker and systemic therapist

BERNADICOU Angelique , family therapist

DERUE Nathalie , Marriage and Family Counselor

SCHALBAR Nathalie , social worker

MOUNTAIN Nathalie , HRD Industry

LANDRY David, general practitioner

PARAMÉ Christine , System Engineer and General Manager

TERRISSE Vincent , doctor

FROGER Christine , DE family mediator

TRIPPIER Nadia , systemic family therapist

Pascal BELY , consultant

ROCHARD sophie , service manager and family therapist

PASDELOUP Catherine , systemic psychotherapist

FERRY Christelle , specialized educator and family therapist

VIDAL Catherine , therapist


DESHAYES Elisa , welcoming listener MDA

GROMETTO Isabelle , psychotherapist

JURY Vanina , social worker

CHALET sandrine , psychologist, teacher

VINCENT Frédérique , clinical psychologist

DELCOURT Francois , osteopath coach

GIGNOUX Olivier , go management