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BOOK "When work hurts"


When work hurts

Authors : Claude de Scorraille, Olivier Brosseau, Grégoire Vitry

Publisher : InterEditions

Release date : February 2017

This book is the first to propose, in French, a precise and detailed intervention methodology to address and resolve situations of suffering at work, both individual and collective, according to the interactional and strategic approach of the Palo Alto school.

It is aimed at all those involved in the organization of work involved, directly or not, in these complex, encysted, impressive or intimidating situations which draw the contours of psychosocial risks in the company. It offers everyone an overview of the real cases most frequently encountered in work organizations (burn-out, harassment, depression, etc.), clarified under the prism of the relational processes that drive them and supplemented with concrete and structured tools to help each mobilized actor to contribute to implementing and/or finding effective and ecological solutions to the psychological and relational impasses they encounter at work.



“Through a series of examples of real-life interventions, the authors have succeeded in bringing the reader into the experience of the problem-solving process (...) I therefore consider this essential reading for anyone, not just specialists, is interested in understanding how human beings have the extraordinary ability to complicate their lives, but also the incredible ability to solve the problems that they themselves have created”. 

Giorgio Nardone

“Reading the book leads us to discover a relationship clinic from the angle of a strategic approach. (...) With this book, a door is opened for human resource managers and occupational psychologists invited to develop and implement (...) intervention models in companies”.

Nathalie Duriez

You can find the book "When work hurts" on Amazon



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