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Systemic approach and hypnosis

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Acting in a digital world

You wish :

  • initiate an organizational transformation whose human impacts represent a challenge 
  • make use of available and little-used resources
  • deploy innovation to face an increasingly complex environment
  • relax operating rules that have become too rigid

We support you:

  • companies and their leaders throughout the process of transforming the organization of work in order to promote change and reap all the benefits. Innovating and transforming is first of all changing the paradigm with which we look at the situation.
  • executives and managers, by focusing on "flexibility", i.e. trust, recognition of the autonomy and empowerment of people: one of the cornerstones of the organizational transformation strategy that we let's continue.
  • the implementation of a culture of well-being and growth at different levels,
  • the company in order to promote proximity and exchange with its customers,
  • the company to enable it to become more responsive to market changes, enhancing employee motivation.

Our device:

  • an operative diagnosis allowing the intervention to be targeted as closely as possible
  • intervention techniques based on experimentation 
  • collective interventions based on a problem solving methodology and liberating structure techniques
  • individual interventions when necessary (Lact Assistance)

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Acting in a digital world


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