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International Webinar 2017



Registration will be open from September 2017


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Second edition

January 24th - March 28th - June 20th - October 3rd

Four days of training, workshops and webinars with international guests specialized in systemic and strategic approach and hypnosis. 


International speakers

Dr. Eric BARDOTPsychiatrist, child psychiatrist, psychotherapist. Trainer of Hypnosis, Systemic Brief Therapies and EMDR / HTSMA. Founder and organizer of HTSMA courses (Hypnosis, Strategic Therapies and Alternative Movements). He is the director of the Mimethys Institute in Nantes.

Nora BATESON: Director of Research and Exhibition at International Bateson Institut.

Dr. Alexandrina BEAUPsychiatrist in hypnotherapy, family therapy and in strategic approach of Palo Alto. Head of the Family Therapy Center at NANCY Hospital.

Olivier BROSSEAUCoach, trainer, therapist in strategic system approach and associated with LACT. He teaches "Organizations and behaviors" at the IAE of Paris (Master of Administrations and Enterprises) 

Dr MARIE-CHRISTINE CABIÉPsychiatrist, psychotherapist, head of psychiatry center Paris 11, Hôpitaux de Saint Maurice. Author of: For brief therapy. The free choice of the patient as ethics in psychotherapy.

Robert DILTS:  Developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since its creation in 1975 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.

Jim DUVALL: Co-founder and Co-Director of JST INSTITUTE (www.jstinstitute.com) and is the Senior Editor of Journal of Systemic Therapies. Galveston Island, Texas.

Teresa GARCIA RIVERAPsychotherapist. Founder of CIRCÉ - Center for Intervention and Research on the Changes and Evolution of Human Systems.

Dr Michael HOYT: Is one of America's most wide-ranging brief therapists. He is a senior staff psychologist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California, and is also a clinical faculty member at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco. Hoyt is the author of several books

Dr. Jacques-Antoine MALAREWICZPsychiatrist, specializing in Ericksonian hypnosis and in the systemic approach. He was one of the pioneers of Ericksonian hypnosis in France.

Mark MCKERGOW: Co-director of sfwork - The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work. He is an international consultant, speaker and author.

Patrizia MERINGOLO: she is professor of Social Psychology at the University of Florence and professor of Psychology of Groups and Community and Social Empowerment.

Bill O'HANLON: Psychotherapist, author, and speaker. He co-developed Solution-Oriented Therapy, a form of Solution focused brief therapy and has authored or co-authored over 30 books.

Bernardo PAOLIPsychologist, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Business coach, trainer and lecturer.

Dr. Wendel RAY: Endowed Chair of Marriage & Family Therapy, University of Louisiana–Monroe.Senior Research Fellow and former Director of the Mental Research Institute (MRI), and founding director of the Don D. Jackson Archive of Systemic Literature.

Dr. Joël de ROSNAY: he holds a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a French futurist, science writer, and molecular biologist. De Rosnay has written several books and essays on the sciences of complexity, emerging information technology, and their implications for the future evolution of humanity.

Claude de SCORRAILLE: Psychologist, psychotherapist and co-founder of LACT. She teaches at the IAE of Paris (Master of Administrations and Enterprises).

Dr. Michel SERRES: He is a French philosopher and author.  He currently serves as a Professor of French at Stanford University. In 1990, Serres was elected to the Académie française, in recognition of his position as one of France's most prominent intellectuals.

Ronald SIEGELAssistant Professor of Psychology, part time at Harvard Medical School, where he has taught for over 30 years. 

Dr. Terry SOO-HOOClinical Director of the Family Therapy Clinic at MRI. Professor at the California State University East Bay in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program. 

Sophie SUBERVILLE:  Executive Director of Mental Research Institute of Palo-Alto, she has a masters in science in clinical psychology.

Eric TRAPPENIERSPsychotherapist of the couple and the family. Founder and Director of the Institutes of Family Studies of Toulouse and Lille since 1985. He is trainer in systemic approach and family therapy in Europe and North America.

Pr. Pedro VARGAS AVALOSPsychotherapist specialized in Ericksonian hypnosis. President of the Academy of Systemic Therapy (Zaragos). Professor at UNAM University (Mexico).

Grégoire VITRYDirector and co-founder of LACT. Scientific Director of the International LACT Research Program and Director of the International School in systemic approach with CIRCÉ.

Dr. Sylvie WIEVIORKAPsychiatrist specializing in substance abuse. She is the author of several books and articles on addictions.

First edition


femmewebThe Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto and LACT will organize this first international webinar.  Numerous guests in the field of innovation, metamorphosis and change will be participating to this event.

The goal of the event is to facilitate exchanges, collaboration and synergy among clinicians, researchers and trainers worldwide.

The program will be made up of meetings and training workshops that will be delivered on an interactive and interactional virtual platform which will allow for a network of participants to interact and work together with the featured guests. You will be able to exchange directly on the web with our various guests.


> Session 1 : Thursday April 20th from 4 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT +2 Paris)

> Session 2 : Thursday April 27th from 4 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT +2 Paris)

> Session 3 : Thursday May 4th from 4 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT +2 Paris)

> Session 4 : Thursday May 11th from 4 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT +2 Paris)


Each intervention lasts 15 minutes + 15 minutes of live Q/A to talk directly with the speakers.

Thursday April 20th 2017

4h00-4h15 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Welcome and introduction G. VITRY / S. SUBERVILLE

4h15-4h45 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Ch-ch-ch-changes: the 3 ways to change problem patterns B. O'HANLON

5h00-5h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Generative change R. DILTS

5h30-6h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Break

6h00-6h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : The traumatic world and his process & HTSMA E. BARDOT

6h30-7h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Article of Don Jackson and John Weakland about Family Therapy W. RAY

7h00-7h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : I'm trying to understand . J. de ROSNAY

7h45-8h30 (GMT +2 Paris) : Discussion Break

Thursday april 27th 2017

4h00-4h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Mindfulness and positive psychology R. SIEGEL 

4h30-5h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Single session therapy M. HOYT

5h00-5h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Diagnosis, research and relation A. BEAU

5h30-6h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Break

6h00-6h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : 7 secrets for an effective aphorism B. PAOLI

6h30-7h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Qualitative methods in evaluation of strategic therapy P. MERINGOLO

7h00-7h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Caring for people dependent on alcohol : current events in G. Bateson's theory of alcoholism S. WIEVIORKA

7h45-8h30 (GMT +2 Paris) : Discussion Break

Thursday may 4th 2017

4h00-4h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : The difference between descriptive and action language M. McKERGOW

4h30-5h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : When working hurts C. de SCORRAILLE

5h00-5h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Solution focused brief therapies  M. C. CABIÉ

5h30-6h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Break

6h00-6h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Can organizations become pathological ? J. A. MALAREWICZ

6h30-7h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : PEARLSystem T. GARCIA RIVERA

7h00-7h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Emotional regulation and process of change N. DURIEZ

7h45-8h30 (GMT +2 Paris) : Discussion Break

Thursday may 11th 2017

4h00-4h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : The art of creating change: the experiential systemic approach of Eric Trappeniers E. TRAPPENIERS

4h30-5h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : No more, no less : Brief Mental Health Services for Children J. DUVALL
Quantitative vs qualitative research J. DUVALL et W. RAY

5h30-6h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Break

6h00-6h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Working within the client's cultural context T. SOO-HOO

6h30-7h00 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : The pragmatics of Gregory Bateson P. VARGAS AVALOS 

7h00-7h30 PM (GMT +2 Paris) : Change through mutual learning N. BATESON

7h45-8h30 (GMT +2 Paris) : Discussion Break


Connection to ZOOM platform.

The conference, web-trainings and workshops will take place on the platform ZOOM. 

After your registration, you will receive the join link that you will find on your ZOOM invitation mail. During the webinar, the ZOOM platform allows you to exchange and ask questions to the speakers.

Warning: the days of the webinar, please login at 15:45 (Paris Time) just to test your Internet connection, audio, and video.

Your e-learning environment on MOODLE platform.

You will have at disposal a personalized web area to learn, share and chat with all participants. 

All lectures and workshops will be recorded and available for you on Moodle.