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Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

Online Open House on April 5, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Come and discover our training courses in systemic approach and hypnosis

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LACT: your interactive and digital school

LACT was conceived, designed and produced as a training company
offering you a multifunctional work platform.

All of your courses are delivered online . Whatever training you choose, you connect via the Zoom at the time indicated in your program. You are in direct contact with your tutor and the students in your class. Classes are live and interactive. All of your training materials (slides, replay course videos, bibliography, personal calendar, glossary, etc.) are accessible on your Moodle .

Your speaker is connected in the same way. He animates his course using a pedagogy that combines theory and practice. It is based on slides, videos and exercises in large groups or subgroups. Throughout your course, a "chat" function allows you to ask questions or make comments in order to encourage interaction. The dialogue is constant; it enlivens the transmission of knowledge and feeds the debate.

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Interactivity is at the heart of our system . Classes are held either in plenary or in small groups. The practical exercises come back regularly so that you can live a pedagogy by experience. After the exercises in sub-groups, you then come back to the plenary for a summary and discussions. Here again, our trainers are present and provide support, if necessary, in the sub-groups to guide you, redirect you and answer questions. Throughout the intervention, interactivity is facilitated by tools such as Wooclap which allows you to express yourself live and anonymously on a given theme or question; everything is synthesized online and commented. This collaborative working method allows us to combine simplicity, speed and efficiency.

Your practice is multifaceted . During classes or between sessions, we favor practice. The case study is an integral part of the course in the same way as the theory: it can be the subject of a course, a practical exercise in small groups, even in pairs or even the subject of viewing videos of patients made available to you in Moodle for cross-session work.

Video is everywhere . All your lessons, after the live broadcast, are broadcast in replay and the videos are accessible on your Moodle platform for the duration of the training. Videos with very practical objectives are also available; these are most often real therapy sessions grouped by theme recorded as part of the clinical practice of one or other of our practitioners at the School.

All the exercises and tests related to your courses are subject to validation of the knowledge acquired. This validation will give you access to certificates and diplomas. Each module is also the subject of a certification accessible on Moodle.

All the periodic appointments fixed in the agenda of your program such as for example the supervisions follow the same process: connection at the appointed time and dialogue with your interlocutor, the whole being recorded and therefore available for you at any time to perfect its formation.

“All digital” is combined with simplicity, speed and interactivity . The distance effect that can sometimes be questioned at first glance is largely compensated by the multiplicity of tools that are available to you, whether audiovisual or visual, in the form of very varied content formatted for teaching. on line.

LACT pioneer in this field ? Yes, LACT, which welcomes teachers and students from all over the world, was the first school in its universe to offer such a wide range of services for easy, efficient and high-quality international training.