“What for me is motivating about the research program falls into three areas:

  • The subject first of all: the fact of trying to work on an effective approach, even and especially in this case if this has not yet been proven in the scientific sense of the term, an approach which already has a very rich heritage, an approach that guarantees stable and lasting change, that is economical and respectful of human beings, that is what is interesting
  • Collective emulation: with my team, we want to participate, to do well; the encoding sessions are very useful in this respect in the sense that they give us new ideas, for example, of tasks to be given,
  • Individual motivation: it is very rewarding for me to count myself as an element of contribution to a better world, to see on the faces of our patients more smiles than tears, thanks to an extremely rich toolbox that gives levers that we would not necessarily have thought of. "