"I had imagined in this presentation to define the Lact method as a method of learning a foreign language , learning bst, learning to speak it, and I must say that this method suits me very well.

I had recently started the language in bst, and I realized that indeed the audacity of the first step had to be supported by the endurance of the walk, and in this sense, I consider that Lact has transformed this progress on a precise, marked path.

The method offers good traceability, all the more valuable as my concern is to encourage as many people as possible to take this same path, especially from an institutional point of view.

I must say that I changed my habits and above all I managed to maintain them; I manage to encode regularly , not always after the sessions but it is in the process of being acquired.

In this language that is bst, I realized that there is a very specific structure and punctuation. This is how I gradually moved from causal sentences to circumstantial sentences, using the items that the program offers and which are very precise, oriented rather context than etiology, rather questioning and therapeutic prescription than towards an enumeration of diagnostic criteria ; and I replaced the colons with question marks.

What also seems interesting to me is the very clear highlighting of the starting point that is the problem, of the therapeutic path, up to the evaluation.

In my practice, which was centered on a rather classic monologue, explanatory, directive of a medical diagnosis, I started a dialogue allowing the establishment of the operative diagnosis. And in my context, I find myself in a paradoxical normative and non-normative situation and I continue to try to change while remaining the same.

And thank you for the method. "