On October 2, we were in Arezzo for a brain storming on what research is.
We did, among other things, the coming out of brief therapy and insisted on the need to recognize ourselves in what we are, to pass the message on the outside and to say it throughout the world.

1st objective : to become known and recognized in an impactful way, i.e. to ensure that the Palo Alto method becomes essential in such and such a situation, for such and such a pathology,

2nd objective : to create a community , to create a link between us but also with practitioners of other therapeutic approaches; it is indeed important to go and see what other therapists are doing to know our results,

3rd objective : create links internally through exchanges, openness, dissemination of knowledge, as a source of improvement of our practices.

The few key words that emerged: openness and pleasure to be with each other, exchange and give pleasure to the people we meet including our patients,

Emerging qualities: sharing, relationship, curiosity, openness, pooling, membership, dissemination, community, difference, building bridges...

First steps :

Coming together to be able to grow, creating links between our different components, going to other schools to understand and analyze their particularities, being ourselves a source of inspiration for everyone from Palo Alto and brief therapy instead of delivering sterile internal battles. If we ourselves are not together, we will not be able to open up to others: protocols of psychiatric medicine, hypnosis, other types of therapy...

That is the conviviality between us, as we experienced it in Arezzo.

Now, there is a need for a sharing of tasks to carry out this ambitious program, to create links, to help everyone progress, to put it into practice. And it will take goodwill to come together to:

  • Collaborate more regularly, see each other, brainstorm together,
  • Make emerge, always with happy faces,
  • produce things

As you can see, there is a bit of work to be done.

Some ideas :

  • Recommendations for using Palo Alto in this or that therapy, validating, developing scientific learning, obtaining reimbursement of the diploma by social security, using the web for learning, Facebook, other networks, and sharing.

Some themes:

  • Scientific studies showing the effectiveness of the model
  • Work with doctors to be recognized and known; actions are in progress
  • Work on our network, our community
  • Communicate internally and externally
  • Produce content: production of articles on prescriptions, reframing...
  • On the financing side, we will have to see how we will finance the studies, all the work done. 

And think about how we can make all this operational; concretely, what are we putting in place, who is going to do what, how and when.