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AFD and sustainable development

Dilts Strategy Group is currently conducting a study on effective practices to promote sustainable development. The study focuses on the systems (people, organizations, universities, associations, NGOs) that successfully invest in sustainable development.

To carry out this study, we apply the methodology of modeling success factors ; a unique approach to skills development created and developed by the Dilts Strategy Group. It is designed to identify and apply the critical success factors needed to promote the growth and development of emerging businesses. We now apply this methodology to the study of the key success factors characterizing companies that are successful examples of sustainable development.

The question we want to answer is: What is the difference
that makes the difference in systems that invest in sustainability?

Sustainable development involves :

produce sustainable economic growth while ensuring the ability of future generations to do the same by not exceeding nature's regenerative capacity.
enabling development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
caring for the environment and the future by reducing waste and unnecessary consumption and inspiring and empowering others to do the same.
by creating new solutions to today's needs that minimize the negative impact on the environment.
reduce damage to the environment by considering the long-term consequences of today's actions on future generations.

The effective implementation of sustainable development is clearly one of the most crucial challenges facing our planet today.

We are particularly interested in finding the characteristics of the mindset that promotes sustainable development. We believe that our outer ecological impact is a direct result of the inner ecology of our mind and heart .

Our ambition is to awaken and inspire others by highlighting crucial aspects of attitude and the corresponding actions people like YOU are already taking .

We want to raise awareness and educate people in order to promote, in the long term, other actions on a larger scale. Together, we hope to be able to inspire as many individuals and organizations as possible to join in this major transition. We would be very happy if you could participate in our survey using the following link: .

We look forward to sharing greater outdoor and indoor ecology in the future.

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