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Results on addiction and
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Olivier Brosseau

Therapist, coach, supervisor and trainer in strategic systemic approach, associated with LACT. He teaches at the IAE of Paris within the Master of Administrations and Companies the module "Organizations and behaviors".


You know, for some, the results of the SYPRENE base. There are 27 active contributors and today the database has 2,643 cases processed. On this entire base, you have 1,222 intervention cases that have been completed and evaluated. Audrey mentioned it earlier, 82%, it is the rate of success or improvement which is qualified at the end of the interventions. The average duration is 5.8 sessions per patient and the average duration of the intervention is 5.4 months. I promised you some first figures on the SYPRENE database.

With regard to alcohol and addiction issues, more specifically, 96 cases were handled by all of the stakeholders who contribute to these results. The average number of sessions is a little higher, 6.7, and the average duration is six months. 33 cases are closed and evaluated with a resolution rate of 73%. This is a rate slightly lower than the whole of the database and the pathologies encountered, which is obviously consistent with the great difficulty of treating cases of addiction. Historically, we have always observed a real difficulty with this.

What I wanted to show you more specifically today, in relation to all the cases, the main attempts at a solution that one encounters in these patients affected by alcohol addiction and who have in common to have all a logic of avoidance. We started talking about it earlier, we heard it and you will find it a lot as the workshops progress. The main attempt at a solution: avoiding social situations generating fear, refraining from consuming a substance, denying information or emotions, seeking to escape them, avoiding relational regulations, hiding a fault, a weakness, seeking to escape painful memories, etc.

These data do not restore all the work of accompaniment, restructuring and reframing which is also associated with accompaniment and intervention, but it does allow a good description of the process involved in these pathologies. The main prescriptions implemented and which appear on the screen, there is: how to aggravate which makes it possible to highlight the issue and the attempted solutions for the patient. Emotional letters that focus on the sensation, which the patient most often tries to avoid.

The prescription will bring him to confront it. A mandatory drink is a paradoxical task to counter the prohibition that he or his entourage gives himself without convincing results. The ladder technique is used to assess progress. Show rather than hide, to accompany all those who hide, hide, avoid showing their difficulties and talking about them. For all those who would like more details, the whole team remains at your disposal and you can contact us.    

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