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Center for training, intervention and research

Strategic systemic approach and hypnosis

      Our history

      • LACT is familiar with relational issues, both personal and professional.
      • A curiosity and a common credo for the issues of relationship and interaction (the systemic and ecological vision).
      • Varied backgrounds, common experiences and experiments, cross-collaborations.
      • A research program that allows us to better understand the efficiency of our interventions.
      Claude de SCORRAILLE

      Psychologist, supervisor, speaker and trainer, president and associate of LACT

      N° ADELI 75 93 4978 0
      Claude de Scorraille is a psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, and lecturer, she applies the systemic and strategic brief therapy of the Palo Alto School and the CTS of Prof. Nardone for over 15 years. She is also trained in conversational hypnosis. She has a consultation in Paris and via digital .  She teaches the clinic of the relationship within the International School Lact/University of Paris 8 and at the IAE of Paris within the framework of the Master's in Business Administration. She is also a worker and supervisor at the CSAPA in Montreuil, a consultation center specializing in addictions. She is president and co-founder of LACT where she develops individual and collective interventions with the problem solving methodology for individuals and organizations. consultation center specializing in obsessive and compulsive disorders (OCD) at LACT in partnership with the OCD clinic ®

      Co-author "Strategies for change, 16 therapeutic prescriptions" , "When work hurts" , " Towards a pragmatic humanism ".

      Gregoire VITRY

      PhD, Speaker, trainer, director of SYPRENE, director and partner of LACT

      Doctor-researcher in psychology, graduated from the Palo Alto school, he has worked for several years with Giorgio Nardone, Nathalie Duriez, Michael Hoyt, Teresa Garcia, Jean-Jacques Wittezaele, Wendel Ray and the MRI in order to promote research and training in systemic approach.
      Since 2016, he has been developing SYPRENE, a PRN network (Thurin et al., 2012) using a systemic approach, allowing in particular to improve his practice in close collaboration with the academic world. He is also in charge of the LACT international school and the International Webinar Brief Therapy congress. He also graduated from EM Lyon and has a master's degree in Applied Mathematics.
      Co-author “When work hurts” , “Strategies for change, 16 therapeutic prescriptions” , “ Understanding and treating addictions ”, “ Getting out of addiction? ”.

      Olivier BROSSEAU

      LACT Therapist, Trainer and Associate

      A graduate of ESSEC (1985) and SCIENCES COM (1987), rich in a complete and in-depth practice in marketing within the audiovisual group Canal+ for nearly 20 years , he gradually trained and then certified in coaching and individual support. , at the Gregory Bateson Institute (2005-2011).
      He is also certified MBTI (2010) and Executive Profiler (2011), psychometric approach in the context of professional orientation for adults and adolescents. He intervenes in the field of the regulation of psychosocial disorders in the form of individual consultation and collective intervention within companies and institutions (executives, managers, employees), in various contexts of difficult situations: change management, conflict management , harassment, burnout or professional exhaustion, incivility, post-traumatic shock, etc.
      He designs and leads training focused on the challenges of presenting stress and psychosocial risks, and supports multidisciplinary working groups dedicated to developing and leading the PSR prevention system and improving the Quality of Life. at Work (hospital environment, insurance, etc.). He teaches at the IAE of Paris within the Master of Administrations and Companies the module "Organizations and behaviors".
      Apart from LACT, he practices brief therapy in his Paris office. Co-author "When Work Hurts" , "Strategies for Change, 16 Therapeutic Prescriptions" .

      Elisabetta CALAMELA

      If it's complicated there's Elisabetta

      At the crossroads of relations with teachers and students,
      she knows all about training, content and programming.

      Veronique ENNES

      Team spirit, sense of duty and a job well done. This is Veronique.

      Challenges, projects, novelties, always there to move forward by your side!

      Emmanuelle GALLIN

      Emmanuelle, yes It's her.

      Researcher in everything and especially in brief therapy.

      Isabelle GROMETTO

      Simply effective.

      Isabelle who has more than one trick up her sleeve will inform you about everything, everything, by email or by phone at 06 29 57 02 49

      Vira HENG

      I think, I live, therefore I am, it's Vira

      To organize, plan, simplify the life of Lact. To coach, to fly away, it's Vira.

      Colette LAMIAUX

      Loyalty, benevolence

      For a culture of relationship, communication and rigour. It's Colette.

      Anne-Charlotte de MAUPEOU

      The heart on the hand for effective communication. It's Anne-Charlotte.

      Linking, providing a solution, communicating: That's what taking care of the relationship!

      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      International partnerships

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action

      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      International partnerships

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action

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