Is France particularly affected by burnout compared to other countries? 

We have a study here that I'm showing you on the screen on work stress. If we look at the risk factors, we see that Italy and Slovenia are in the top ranks while France is more in the middle, with results that could be described as average.

In our own reading, we do not consider that a person is doing badly because the company in which he works is not doing well. It is rather a question of interaction which is badly managed.

In the past, for example, in the coal mines, the miners performed very hard work physically and psychologically and this does not mean that we speak of exhaustion in the sense of burnout today. 

However, there is no question of denying that risk factors exist; if a person is a perfectionist, in a company where the pressure is high, in a context of strong competition where everything has to go very quickly, all of these factors will have a weight.

But if we look at things from the sole point of view of the causes, which belong to the problem, we will end up on a systemic level with disappointing solutions. Because the life context of any individual is made up of his professional environment, his personal and social life in which complex things happen.

He's not going to react to that in a linear way because that's what characterizes the system.

alive, therefore the human system, these are paradoxes which put in difficulty our rational way of living the situations.