The activity of our scientific publications continues, around the indicators of observation of practice and formalization of concepts.

 Article already published :

  • “Effectiveness and Efficiency of Strategic and Systemic Therapy in Naturalistic Settings (SYPRENE)”, Vitry G., Pakrosnis, R., Brosseau O, Duriez N., to be published in the American peer-reviewed Journal of Family Therapy. 



SYPRENE, an international digital systemic practice research network (PRN), was established in 2014 to fill the gap in practice-based research on the effectiveness and efficiency of systemic therapies, starting with strategic therapies. This article reports initial outcome results. So far, twenty-seven therapists from several countries using the MRI brief therapy strategic approach have collected data for a wide range of problem diagnoses. Data are reported here for 1,150 completed cases. The drop-out rate was 19%. Significant improvement or complete problem resolution was reported by therapists in 80% and by patients in 90% of cases, with an average of 5.4 sessions and 5.3 months of treatment. Patients reported significant improvement on the GHQ-12 with a large effect size, and 76% of cases were evaluated as reaching reliable and clinically significant change.

Practitioner points

  •     SYPRENE is a digital practice research network
  •     Outcome data have been collected over 1,079 cases.
  •     Evidence supports the effectiveness of strategic therapy.

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Next release to come within 3 months :

  • “Redundant Attempted Solutions: 50 Years of Theory, Evolution and New Supporting Data”, Vitry G., Scorraille de, C., Hoyt M., in Australian and new Zealand Journal of Family Therapy