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The 5 circles of resilience of Dr. Emmanuel Contamin

The 5 circles of resilience

by Dr. Emmanuel Contamin

Taking care of yourself, others and the planet: everything is linked!

Pandemic, social and environmental crisis, fear of collapse… the shock waves are multiplying and revealing our vulnerability. How to face it without losing our humanity?

In this book, Dr. Emmanuel Contamin draws on his experience as a psychiatrist specializing in post-traumatic disorders to explain that there are several types of resilience, this ability to resist shocks and traumas and to come out of them not helpless victims. or hardened survivors, but as living: personal resilience, family resilience, collective resilience, nation resilience and ecosystem resilience, all of which are intertwined and influence each other.
Thus, by improving one of these resiliences, it is the overall resilience of individuals and of the ecosystem that is reinforced, thus creating a positive circle. What a source of hope!

Throughout the chapters, punctuated with concrete exercises, Dr. Contamin shows us how to activate and then strengthen the various resiliences, in order to progress and commit ourselves, at our level, towards a well-being, which will benefit others as well as our environment. At the same time realistic about the challenges we must face and a bearer of hope and commitment, this book is a real breath of fresh air as well as a call to action!


“The COVID-19 pandemic has been an opportunity for a sudden awareness of our vulnerability, both personal and collective. To tell the truth, this awareness was already very present, in particular among young people who mobilized during demonstrations for the climate or who are committed to building another model of social life and development in eco-places. The theme of collapse is increasingly present in our collective representations, with the risk of domino effects between the impacts of global warming and climate change, loss of biodiversity, social and economic crises, conflicts and migrations. Eco-anxiety is rarely the first request during my consultations, but it is often there in depth for many, increasing the level of stress and the difficulty for young people to project themselves into the future. We don't always believe with our guts what we know with our heads, and the experience of confinement for a large part of humanity has created a shock effect. We anticipate other waves of this shock, in particular economic and social, and are at a major moment in our collective history: are we going to try to start again as before, on an unsustainable trajectory for future generations, or will we be able to seize the Opportunity for a New Development Model? […] Whatever the hardships to go through, let us remember that resilience is always possible, and that it can lead us to a better future…”

The author

Dr. Emmanuel Contamin

Emmanuel Contamin is a psychiatrist, specialist in the therapy of post-traumatic disorders, and in particular EMDR. He is the author of Healing from Your Past with EMDR and Self-Care Tools, published in 2017.

In bookstores February 17, 2021 - 18.95 euros - 304 pages

Keywords: post-traumatic stress

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