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Serge Tisseron - Rethinking relationships

Lact Dr. Serge Tisseron 's webconference from the 4th International Webinar , entitled: "Managing learning from confinement".

The unprecedented global health crisis has revealed the extreme vulnerability of our societies:

1. the acuteness of the economic (interdependence, scarcity), ecological (global warming), social (communitarianism, impoverishment), political (authoritarianism, mistrust, extremism) impasses towards which an individualistic and fragmentary vision of societal issues has led them,

2. the need to learn how to navigate differently on a "sea of ​​uncertainty", alone and together, in the face of the challenges of economic and societal transformation that are looming, global health issues.

During the experience of confinement, digital communication interfered beyond its initial borders specific to the younger generations and invaded everyone's professional and personal spaces. These digital exchanges have given rise to hitherto unthought-of experiments and discoveries (work, family), which lead us to re-examine the very nature of our relationships and their issues (self-to-self, self-to-other , from oneself to institutions and to the world) beyond the frustrations of no longer seeing oneself physically.

A need is emerging to take a new global look and rethink the management of health (and suffering) in the fields of care (physical and mental) but also education, childcare, family, justice, economics, politics. With the line of sight, a systemic transformation of the notion of performance towards a relational performance (and no longer individual), to " simultaneously develop our behaviors, our emotions, our conceptions of the way we invest our roles " and to regulate our interactions, in the service of the common interest.

Serge Tisseron

Psychiatrist, member of the Academy of Technologies, doctor in HDR psychology, member of the scientific council of the CRPMS, University of Paris. He completed his medical thesis in 1975 in the form of a comic strip and discovered Hergé's family secret only from reading the Tintin albums. He has published around forty personal essays, notably on family secrets and our relationship to images, translated into twelve languages. Latest work: The silent influence of talking machines, never alone again (Ed. LLL).


Hello everyone.
So, as part of this webinar on the theme "rethinking relationships". I suggest that we reflect on the lessons of confinement.
There are obviously a lot of them, economic lessons, in particular lessons in the choice of city policy, national policy, but I will focus on a very specific problem, which is what we have learned during this confinement of the possibility to use  digital tools, so tools that we sometimes call distance communication to remain, despite everything, connected to each other, to remain in a form of presence despite physical distance.

So you have to understand that this period has been very difficult for many of us.
Not for everyone, there are some who found refuge in their country house, almost quieter sometimes, than in the big city, but for many it was difficult

There were significant fears of death, since we knew that we could be contagious without symptoms, therefore risking transmitting the disease or that our loved ones transmit the disease to us [....]

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