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Our trainings

University diploma

DU with Paris 8

The "Clinician of Reation and Strategic Intervention" includes 92 hours of lessons (including 3 supervisions), 90 hours of personal work and 147 hours of practical training. It makes it possible to acquire a first generalist level in methodology and practice in the strategic systemic approach.

Certified training

relationship clinician

The “ Fundamentals of intervention in strategic systemic approach ” level includes 104 hours of training (including 3 individual supervisions of 45 minutes) and approximately 90 hours of personal work. It enables the acquisition of fundamental skills in a systemic approach.

Masters in Hypnosis

Ericksonian hypnosis

The Foundations level of the International Masters in Hypnosis includes 122 hours of lessons (including 3 individual supervisions of 45 minutes) and approximately 125 hours of personal work. This training aims to connect the different worlds of hypnosis, through the founding contributions of Milton Erickson .

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