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Palo Alto School Representative

Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

International Webinar September 30, 2021 - ECOLOGY AT THE HEART

With the exceptional participation of Alain BERTHOZ and François JULLIEN

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We believe that human beings are competent to face the difficulties and trials of life, even if sometimes their resources are inaccessible to their conscience. We like to speak on broad topics that can range from problem solving to building new perspectives. Complexity is at the heart of our interventions. These situations are motivating, they constantly stimulate our sense of innovation and creativity in a dynamic of co-construction with our customers.

LACT is familiar with relational issues, both personal and professional, with:

  • a curiosity and a common credo for the issues of relationship and interaction (the systemic and ecological vision).

  • varied backgrounds, common experiences and experiments, cross-collaborations.

  • a research program that allows us to better understand the effectiveness of our interventions.

The strategic systemic approach makes it possible to consider

the complexity of human situations, inherently complex,

simplifying it without distorting it. 

⇒ It cannot be considered and reduced to a technique.

“The systemic approach is an interdisciplinary field

relating to the study of objects in their complexity.” (Wikipedia)  

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This process approach thus allows those who have the expertise to take into account the challenges of transformation in each situation, to take into account the constraints that these challenges cause for the different actors in the situation.

Transformations of complex systems expose people to learning situations that can have destabilizing or even anxiety-provoking effects on groups and individuals.

We like to intervene and build solutions in a spirit of co-development on broad issues. We guide our interlocutors in an accessible and observable implementation of the desired ambition. We deal with the effects of the constraint that accompanies any change project with the actors involved. We help to soothe emotional, relational and psychological turmoil through operational support. We support ambition and the dynamics of change by stimulating resources in a dynamic of innovation.