Authority and leadership in school. Testimony of Etienne Farrell

 What helps you in management to avoid difficulties, blockages? I prefer to do management and leadership by practicing the one down top position. I focus on effective communication by not trying to impose my ideas.

I act but I make people want to do things for themselves, which reinforces the responsibility of teachers. This allows them to feel happier because they are more satisfied. And if they are happier, it is because they feel valued.

When we reach a goal, they know that they were part of the strategy that made it possible. I don't need to impose anything, just exchange, and the mere fact of exchanging shows them that they are involved in their work.

Feedback: The situation at school was as follows: I had noticed a lack of understanding between the team members and I had to act because there was no longer any control. So I brought the teams together and, "to defuse the bomb", I first used humor, then more persuasive communication. Based on the exchange, I was able to see that the difficulty had been resolved in a few minutes.