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Understanding the mechanism of OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorders - Teresa GARCIA

The purpose of the strategic systemic model:

  • stop suffering in the shortest possible time
  • foster a change 2 in the system 
  • develop the capacity of individuals or groups to exchange

A few words on the cybernetic model:

The cybernetic model depicts a problem and an attempt at a solution. The more dysfunctional the attempt at a solution, the more serious the problem becomes, and the more serious it is, the more the person concerned tries to implement the same or new dysfunctional solutions.

OCD evolves in a given context, that of pathological OCD derived from fear.

Faced with fear, we can choose several paths:

  • avoidance that becomes a phobia,
  • control to prevent panic attacks

If you can't manage to avoid fear, for example a colleague who you think has criticized you, you avoid thinking about it, but the more you avoid thinking about it, the more it turns into an obsession which can translate into more food or more of something else.

If the obsession is not enough, we invent rituals. As far as I'm concerned, I dealt with someone who had set up rituals that were spread over 5 hours, in perfect order. He was bewitched during these 5 hours.........

The difficulty in the case of OCD is that the patients have the impression that they are no longer afraid because this fear is hidden by OCD. They set up a rational solution to solve an emotional problem.

In fact, they ruminate and repeat mechanical gestures, compulsively consume alcohol or other drugs, soothe themselves through rituals to conceal the hold OCDs have on their lives.

And the stress increases, reinforces the fear and leads to more rituals.

The doors of change or how to change perception

What can I do with my fear?


Let go, set up counter-rituals and face the fear. “Fear no longer controls me because I no longer try to control it”.

This so-called "corrective emotional" intervention leads the person to say to themselves: "I am no longer afraid or I am still afraid but I can face it and I no longer need rituals".

Keywords: OCD

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