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      Problem Solving and strategic communication - Stefano BARTOLI - CTS-M2 - 2023/24

      Problem Solving and strategic communication - Stefano BARTOLI - CTS-M2 - 2023/24
      1.800,00 €



      Web training module 2024/25
      (in Italian with live translation into French)

      Strategic problem solving and the pragmatics of strategic communication

      “Problem solving and persuasive communication in clinical contexts”

      in partnership with the Center for Strategic Therapy of Prof. NARDONE

      Stefano BARTOLI

      Operational Director of the Strategic Therapy Center, right arm of Pr. Nardone, international trainer, specialized in strategic hypnosis 

      This 3-day module aims to make you experience the steps and techniques of advanced Strategic Problem Solving (2 days) and the 5 axioms of the pragmatics of strategic communication (1 day).



      The first two days of this module immerse you in the evolved Strategic Problem Solving model by applying the steps and techniques.
      During the third day, the 5 axioms of communication are shared through practical examples in order to promote a better understanding and putting them into practice. The courses are structured by alternating theoretical moments and moments of practical experimentation on the shared content. Students practice in pairs, small groups and in plenary.

      Formation's goal

      • Share the steps of Strategic Problem Solving that have evolved from Popper to Watzlawick and Nardone:
        - define the problem
        - concretely represent the objective to be achieved
        - identify the attempts at dysfunctional solutions
        - identify the exceptions
        - develop effective and efficient solutions
      • Learn the techniques of Strategic Problem Solving: the “how to make it worse” technique, the “scenario beyond the problem” technique, the “mountaineer technique”.
      • Match the strategies to the objectives to be achieved rather than to strong theories.
      • Learn and put into practice the 5 axioms of the pragmatics of communication (Watzlawick, Beavin, Jackson).

      Skills acquired at the end of the training

      • Understand and practice the different methodological stages of Strategic Problem Solving by moving from the definition of the problem to the construction of the solution in order to improve the efficiency of the intervention,
      • Put into practice the 5 axioms of the pragmatics of communication in the practice of intervention,
      • Knowing how to align with the client's position and with the logic of the problem, creating complementarity for change to enhance its effectiveness.

      Dates and times

      Sessions will take place from:

      • Session 1: Friday 07/02/2025 from 09:30 to 18:00 Europe/Paris: Problem Solving and strategic communication - S1 - Stefano BARTOLI - Translator: Silvia SPOLARE - CTS - M2 - 2024/25
      • Session 2: Friday 02/14/2025 from 09:30 to 18:00 Europe/Paris: Problem Solving and strategic communication - S2 - Stefano BARTOLI - Translator: Silvia SPOLAORE - CTS - M2 - 2024/25
      • Session 3: Friday 02/21/2025 from 09:30 to 18:00 Europe/Paris: Problem Solving and strategic communication - S3 - Stefano BARTOLI - Translator: Silvia SPOLAORE - CTS - M2 - 2024/25

      Target audience and prerequisites


      This training is open to health and helping relationship professionals who can certify effective practice.

      • Minimum BAC+4 level with clinical practice in the helping relationship,
      • Psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, health and helping relationship professionals who can certify an effective practice,
      • Correct command of French (being able to express oneself orally and in writing),
      • Commitment to practicing intervention sessions,
      • Digital prerequisites:
        • Have a computer (with camera and microphone) and a phone in good working order
        • Have a regularly used email address
        • Have internet access with sufficient speed (videoconferencing, video playback)
        • Have a place suitable for monitoring the training
        • Know how to use basic digital tools: internet, messaging, search engine
        • Know how to use word processing tools, spreadsheets and presentation tools (power point type)


      Stefano BARTOLI: Since 2015, Stefano Bartoli has been the operational director of the Strategic Therapy Center in Arezzo and the right arm of Professor Nardone. He is an international trainer of the strategic model. He teaches every year in advanced clinical and managerial Masters and in Universities in the United States, Russia, Belarus, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, France, Spain, Romania, Belgium and Italy. To date, he coaches many top professional managers, athletes and artists and has personally trained famous Italian and foreign coaches to strengthen their leadership skills.

      Modality, means and teaching aids

      • Live distance courses integrating simulations, role-playing, exercises and case studies to promote the participation and involvement of all students and interaction with teachers
      • A course rhythm allowing the integration of personal work
      • Interactive and experiential approach
      • Individual work, in pairs and sub-groups during and outside the sessions
      • Personalized Moodle account including course videos and educational animations, course materials, documentary bases and all types of educational documents, review exercises, accessible 24/24

      Assessment and follow-up

      Obtaining the certificate for this module requires: 

      • to have passed 75% of the homework to be done outside of class (MCQ, videos, homework, collaborative work, etc.) 
      • to have attended at least 75% of the course sessions 

      Assessment of student satisfaction

      At the end of the training, a satisfaction questionnaire will be completed by each participant so that they can assess the relevance of the content of the training with regard to their professional practice and the achievement of their objectives.

      --> 95% of our students are satisfied with their training  = number of students who gave a score greater than or equal to 7 out of 10 (0: "not at all satisfied"; 10: "completely satisfied")


      • Special rate : €1,800 including tax
      • Special rate : €1,260 including tax
      • Company/convention rate : €2,070 including tax

      Version dated 02/26/2024

      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      International partnerships

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action

      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      International partnerships

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action

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