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    Doors open on OCTOBER 17, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

      HYPNOSIS AND TOBACCO - Julien BETBEZE - ENHM9 - 2023/24

      HYPNOSIS AND TOBACCO - Julien BETBEZE - ENHM9 - 2023/24
      600,00 €



      Web training module 2023/24

      Hypnosis and tobacco

      2 training sessions from the International Master in Hypnosis Year 2

      Dr. Julien BETBEZE

      Psychiatrist, Child Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
      and Trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis

      This interactive training of 2 sessions is aimed at practitioners wishing to understand the tools and techniques of hypnosis in the particular context of quitting smoking.  It offers the possibility, as an intervener, to accompany and guide a client suffering from problematic consumption so that he can reassociate himself on the path to change. In this module, you will learn how to guide people to their resources in a storytelling approach. 


      Theme for each day:

      1) What is an addiction?

      • Assessment of demand, level of anxiety and history of depression
      • Analysis and reinforcement of motivation
      • Work on breathing and body feeling
      • Construction of a realistic goal
      • Disengagement/tobacco interview, modification of tobacco-related beliefs

      2) Use of Rossi's ideodynamic techniques

      Work with levitation, confusion and metaphors

      Objective of the module

      • Learn to build a collaborative and secure relationship
      • Teach the subject to manage his automatic gestures
      • Getting the subject to connect to their resources
      • Use sensory language
      • Accompany a subject in a pleasant memory without tobacco
      • Putting the subject back into pleasant and meaningful experiences
      • Learn to deal with setbacks

      Skills acquired at the end of the training (pedagogical objectives)

      • Build a secure relationship in order to create a good therapeutic alliance
      • Identify the significant words of a good tobacco-free memory to initiate change
      • Induce a state of trance from automatic gestures and a state of hypnorelaxation for a better intervention
      • Working with the emotions associated with tobacco use to engage the patient in a process of change
      • Build a realistic goal of change to ensure better patient involvement

      Module program

      • Session 1: Tuesday 06/02/2024 from 09:00 to 12:30 Europe/Paris: Hypnosis and tobacco - S1: What is an addiction? / Disengagement interview -Julien BETBEZE - ENHM9 - 2023/24
      • Session 2: Monday 03/18/2024 from 09:00 to 12:30 Europe/Paris: Hypnosis and tobacco - S2: Use of Rossi's ideodynamic techniques and work with levitation, confusion and metaphors - Julien BETBEZE - ENHM9 - 2023/24

      Target audience and prerequisites

      • This training is open to health and helping relationship professionals who can certify an effective practice
      • BAC+3 level: having followed the foundations level of the hypnosis master's degree and justifying a clinical practice of the helping relationship
      • Correct command of French (being able to express oneself orally and in writing)
      • Commitment to practicing intervention sessions
      • Digital prerequisites: 
        • Have a computer (with camera and microphone) and a phone in good working order
        • Have a regularly used email address
        • Have internet access with sufficient speed (videoconferencing, video playback)
        • Have a place suitable for monitoring the training
        • Know how to use basic digital tools: internet, messaging, search engine
        • Know how to use word processing tools, spreadsheets and presentation tools (power point type)


      Dr. Julien BETBÈZE: Hospital psychiatrist, head of the Loire-Atlantique therapeutic family care department, Blain CHS. Lecturer in Nantes at the Faculty of Psychology (Cognitive and Clinical DESS) and at the EBU of Medicine: DU Addictions, DU Therapeutic Hypnosis, DU Pain. Family therapist, addiction service of Nantes University Hospital. Pedagogical manager and trainer at the Arepta-Institut Milton Erickson in Nantes. Trainer at the CHTIP in Paris. Co-author with Y. Doutrelugne, O. Cottencin, L. Isebaert and D. Megglé of Brief interventions and therapies: 10 concrete strategies, crises and opportunities, Masson editions, 2016.

      Modality, means and teaching aids

      Interactive and experiential approach

      • Individual work, in pairs and sub-groups during and outside the sessions
      • Group facilitation method (LS/Wooclap)
      • Analysis and sharing of experiences

      Evaluation and monitoring methods

      Obtaining the certificate for this module requires: 

      • to have passed 75% of the homework to be done outside of class (MCQ, videos, homework, collaborative work, etc.) 
      • to have attended at least 75% of the course sessions 

      Assessment of student satisfaction

      At the end of the training, a satisfaction questionnaire will be completed by each participant so that they can assess the relevance of the content of the training with regard to their professional practice and the achievement of their objectives.

      --> 95% of our students are satisfied with their training  = number of students who gave a score greater than or equal to 7 out of 10 (0: "not at all satisfied"; 10: "completely satisfied")

      Dates and prices

      • Special rate : €600 including VAT
      • Price reserved for students of the school : €420 including tax
      • Company/agreement rate : €690 including tax

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      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      Training "Create your business"

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action

      A team of more than
      50 trainers in France
      and abroad

      of our students satisfied with
      their training year at LACT *

      Training "Create your business"

      The quality certification was issued under
      the following category of actions: Training action


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