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Center for training, intervention and research
Systemic approach and hypnosis

Online Open House on April 5, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Come and discover our training courses in systemic approach and hypnosis

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Our philosophy / what drives us
We believe that human beings are competent to face the difficulties and trials of life, even if sometimes their resources are inaccessible to their conscience. We like to speak on broad topics that can range from problem solving to building new insights. Complexity is at the heart of our interventions. These situations are motivating, they constantly stimulate our sense of innovation and creativity in a dynamic of co-construction with our customers.

LACT is familiar with relational issues, both personal and professional, with:

  • a curiosity and a common credo for the issues of relationship and interaction (the systemic and ecological vision).

  • varied backgrounds, common experiences and experiments, cross-collaborations.

  • a research program that allows us to better understand the effectiveness of our interventions.

Vision and Value
We have an interactional and contextual vision of the man and the intervention.
It allows any human system (professionals, patients, couples, families, groups, societies, companies) to build better relational and psychological regulation, taking into account the system in its context.

We share common values ​​based on: 

  • a multi-cultural vision and taking into account the diversity of points of view, values, situations, 

  • an interdisciplinary openness, between and beyond the systemic perspective,

  • sharing knowledge and practices (intervision, supervision, best practices, opportunities for improvement, etc.)

  • operational knowledge of professional transition situations (mobility and/or retraining)

  • benevolence in practice and the sharing of knowledge.

The strategic systemic approach makes it possible to consider

the complexity of human situations, inherently complex,

simplifying it without distorting it. 

⇒ It cannot be considered and reduced to a technique.

“The systemic approach is an interdisciplinary field

relating to the study of objects in their complexity.” (Wikipedia)  

For more information:

This process approach thus allows those who have the expertise to take into account the challenges of transformation in each situation, to take into account the constraints that these challenges cause for the different actors in the situation.

The transformations of complex systems have destabilizing, even anxiety-provoking effects on groups and individuals.

We feel a certain interest in intervening on broad-ranging subjects that can range from problem solving to the construction of new perspectives: supporting the proactive ambition of the dynamics of change, guiding our interlocutors in an accessible and observable implementation of this will, to deal with the effects of the constraint that accompanies the change project with all the actors involved and concerned by a transformation or change project, by helping to appease through operational support the emotional turmoil that it can cause to his costs on some...

Complexity is at the heart of many of our interventions and with the experience we have acquired over time, we have learned to manage and apprehend it, like a surgeon about to operate in a a complex action. These situations are also particularly motivating, because they constantly stimulate the sense of innovation and creativity that must be constantly demonstrated.