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      on the suffering at work


      Our global and systemic vision of well-being at work makes us experience that it is the relationship between the individual (or a group of individuals) and their environment that allows them to understand their situation in conditions of well-being. . The quality of life at work, confidence, the feeling of happiness emerge when we manage to overcome each and together the challenges of work according to a satisfactory balance.

      In the event of suffering at work, we observe that it is these individual and collective regulations that are ineffective and become pathogenic. Within a framework of guaranteed confidentiality, we help the individuals or the teams concerned to mobilize their resources so that they can apprehend their situation again in conditions of well-being.

      You wish :

      • put in place intervention mechanisms that respond to individual or collective complaints

      • support one or more employees who are suffering from a situation for which no one can find a solution

      • be able to act effectively and quickly in a virtuous resolution of the situation of suffering

      • control and avoid costly side effects

      • act on complex situations such as:

        • Problems of suffering at work linked to a behavior of transformation 

        • Suffering at work (burn-out, conflicts, harassment)

        • Or crisis (strikes, threats of suicide attempts or events where there could be post-traumatic stress)

      We support you:

      • any manager : who can wonder about the strategy or the communication to adopt within the framework of an individual or collective device of accompaniment of suffering at work

      • any manager : who can wonder at a given moment about his way of interacting with one or more members of his team. The assistance will enable him to exercise a more strategic managerial influence, both from the point of view of the context and its challenges, and from the point of view of communication and the relational style to be implemented,

      • any employee : suffering (manifestation of worrying symptoms) or in relational conflict in his professional activity,

      • any staff representative or medico-social staff : who wishes to better understand an employee's complaint and feels the need to be guided on the best strategy and communication to implement. This support is particularly effective for complex situations and/or situations with exacerbated emotional components.

      Our device:

      • The systemic and strategic coaching interview focuses on the way in which the beneficiary approaches the professional situation in which he is experiencing difficulties in order to bring out a different perception of it. Because he may perceive his situation differently, the way he will be able to approach it will be different and in this way allow the rapid disappearance of the unwanted symptoms or the problem encountered.  

      • A network on French territory and abroad of around thirty certified operators 

      • The interview process includes:

        • Perception of the situation experienced by the coachee according to his point of view and in concrete, current, interactional and dynamic form: "who complains about what and does what to whom and with what consequences", distinctions are made between complaint, request and symptoms in order to better define the mechanism of the problem and its stakes.

        • Investigation of current resources and limits in the 4 dimensions: rational, emotional, behavioral and relational,

        • Highlighting the difficulties experienced by the employee and the challenges of change,

        • Consideration of the repercussions of the difficulties encountered at the personal, relational and contextual levels,

        • Contractualization of a clear, concrete, realistic and significant change objective in a three-dimensional perspective: strategy, communication and relational.

        • Prescription of targeted and specific actions to be implemented in situ.

      • Practical modalities of the interviews

        • from 1 to 10 interviews maximum per beneficiary,

        • the number and pace of interviews are set by the speaker in agreement with the coachee,

        • the beneficiaries are referred to LACT through management and/or Human Resources and/or occupational medicine.

        • Interventions can be ordered on a case-by-case basis or as part of a Lact Assistance scheme. This device provides a solution to deal with emergencies while giving flexibility to management, prescribers and stakeholders.   


      For more information, contact us on 01 48 07 40 40 or by email:

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