Use of the LACT research extranet application requires access credentials. The file is declared to the CNIL ref. n°1798970 v 0

By participating in this research program you allow LACT to use the data you have entered for the purposes of studies, publications and research.
The data is published collectively and in a non-nominative manner.

General objective of the research program:

Thanks to the consultation management tool for expert therapists (beta version), provide additional means of research to strengthen the effectiveness and influence of Palo-Alto's interactional and strategic approach.

The Scientific Committee :

  • validates the strategic orientations of the research program
  • strives to improve the methodological elements
  • guarantees the quality of the data produced.

The scientific committee is led by:

  • Teresa Garcia, founding director of CIRCÉ
  • Wendel Ray, Endowed Chair and Professor - Marriage & Family Therapy Program (s) - School of Health Professions - College of Health & Pharmaceutical Sciences - The University of Louisiana - Monroe (ULM) & Senior Research Fellow - Mental Research Institute (MRI) - Palo Alto, CA
  • Grégoire Vitry, partner LACT

The means made available by LACT:

  • Consultation management extranet site made available to the Scientific Committee for research purposes
  • Presentation of research partners on the LACT website / the team
  • Professional community:
    • initially 1 monthly learning web-conference
    • then quarterly on feedback

LACT undertakes:

  • Before any use, inform you of the use of your data and collect your opinions and possible observations
  • Guarantee anonymization of data in the context of editing statistics or publications
  • Keep you regularly informed of the progress of research work

Prerequisites for research partners :

  • Therapists and coaches graduated from the Palo-Alto school
  • 1 year of practice minimum
  • Supervised

The first research partners of the program:

  • Claude de Scorraille
  • Olivier Brosseau
  • Tihamer Wertz
  • Olivier Millet
  • Laurence Cleinge
  • Karine Mezzena
  • Peter Ferreri

Benefits for partners:

  • Keep memory of sessions
  • Ensure a detailed follow-up of the content of the sessions
  • Facilitate the monitoring of interventions
  • Participate in a research program
  • Simplify the management and note taking of appointments
  • Dynamically measure the effectiveness of interventions
  • Be part of a network of active experts
  • Visibility on the LACT website

To participate you must :

  • Code at least 20 patients per year in order to participate in the research program
  • Participate if necessary in 1 intervention per year in one of the LACT web-conferences
  • highlight the LACT research partnership in your communication tools (website, brochure, etc.)

You lead or participate in a research laboratory and wish to help us set up a research program:

data analysisWe will be happy to make our data available to you.

We will be happy to help you work on their exploitation, by any means you suggest to us:

> research program
> reception of doctoral students
> thesis committee
> participation in a scientific committee, etc.

Please contact me personally by email:
More information by phone: 09 67 01 21 65 // 06 03 24 81 65 (port)