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Presence and relationship with theatrical techniques - Hélène SERRES - EN1M9 - 2022/2023

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Web training module 2022/23

Presence and relationship with theatrical techniques

"Theatre at the service of the therapeutic relationship"

By Hélène SERRES Actress

This module consists of 2 courses and is presented in two stages with a practical part in which students can practice, in pairs or in small groups, theatrical practices for better presence and better listening in the therapeutic relationship.

This module takes place in two stages:

1/ Technical and individual work on breathing, articulation and voice, alongside work with the body.

2/ Work around emotions, listening and imagination through improvisation.


This module focuses on human communication in its practical aspect, which involves the acquisition of specific skills.
The student finds himself in the situation of the actor in improvisation and this technical work will have the effect of releasing his tensions and also of offering the person a better availability of presence and listening.

Each course is organized in two parts, one gives pride of place to breathing, voice, articulation, the other to improvisation.

First part

  • Breathing

Practice of abdominal breathing which involves the diaphragm: it is a fuller, deeper, slower breath and a great anti-stress. It obliges us to stand up straight, therefore available and present in the relationship with the other.

  • voice and articulation

The exercises for the voice and the articulation make it possible to work the breathing and the muscular relaxation of the face. It is a great anti-stress tool.  

  •  The body 

Body language is the first information we transmit to others. Through improvisation, we learn to become aware of it and to better control it.

  • The emotions

The emotions used here are anger, joy, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust. To better regulate them, it is important to know them and to experience them voluntarily. This is what is proposed here with the help of exercises.

Part two : improvisation

Listen to others, develop empathy and imagination through theatrical improvisation.

The general rules of improvisation.

  • Total listening is a key factor in successful improvisation . It is by listening to each other that you can build a coherent and common story.
  • Acceptance . Always say “ Yes ”. I accept the proposal of my partner and I in turn propose something to advance the story. Even if some proposals may seem totally outlandish, you have to remain open , not be surprised, agree to extend your comfort zone and broaden the field of possibilities. The “ Yes ” symbolizes an attitude of openness.
  • Get started, dare, trust yourself. Launching without text and without being able to anticipate can seem scary. Yet there is no reason to be afraid because failure does not exist in improvisation! Improvisation is a great way to take a fresh look at our obstacles and our fears.
  • The sharing. The individualities and talents of each are valued by the collective .


Formation's goal

  • Learn to communicate a text, a story, an emotion in a different way.
  • Through improvisation, experience active listening.
  • Learn new stress management techniques.
  • Overcome your fears, your limits, get out of the box.

Skills acquired at the end of the training

  • Develop your communication in session with theatrical practices such as improvisation
  • Strengthen the therapeutic alliance with the patient, through the use of original communication tools
  • Work on your active presence with others in order to increase your empathy.
  • Adapt his posture as a speaker and his communication according to the emotion felt by the patient.

Dates and times

Sessions will take place from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (with a 30 min break)

Group 1

  • January 19, 2023
  • February 09, 2023

Group 2

  • January 23, 2023
  • February 17, 2023


Target audience and prerequisites


  • Baccalaureate standard
  • Correct command of French (being able to express oneself orally and in writing)
  • Digital prerequisites:
    • Have a computer (with camera and microphone) and a phone in good working order
    • Have a regularly used email address
    • Have internet access with sufficient speed (videoconferencing, video playback)
    • Have a place suitable for monitoring the training
    • Know how to use basic digital tools: internet, messaging, search engine
    • Know how to use word processing tools, spreadsheets and presentation tools (power point type)


Hélène SERRES: Author, director and theater actress, she first embraced a career as a doctor, while taking courses at the Toulouse drama conservatory, before turning definitively to acting, alone on stage. , then to the theater. She has acted in many plays, including "And meanwhile, Simone is watching", "The future of tomorrow; it's now", "100% marianne".

Modality, means and teaching aids

  • Remote live lessons integrating simulations, role-playing, exercises to promote the participation and involvement of all students and interaction with the teacher
  • Feedback and feedback
  • Interactive and experiential approach
  • Individual, pair and sub-group work during the sessions
  • Personalized Moodle account including course videos and educational animations, course materials, documentary bases and all types of educational documents, review exercises, accessible 24/2

Assessment and follow-up

Obtaining the certificate for this module requires:

  • to have attended at least 75% of the course sessions 

Assessment of student satisfaction

At the end of the training, a satisfaction questionnaire will be completed by each participant so that they can assess the relevance of the content of the training with regard to their professional practice and the achievement of their objectives.

--> 95% of our students are satisfied with their training  = number of students who gave a score greater than or equal to 7 out of 10 (0: "not at all satisfied"; 10: "completely satisfied")


  • Special rate : €400 including tax
  • Lact student rate for the year : €280 including tax
  • Company/convention rate : €460 including VAT


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